dinsdag 24 oktober 2017

Moving Campaigns FASHIONCLASH Fashion Film Festival

FFFF presents Moving Campaign Fashion Films

Increasingly designers and brands are using the fashion film as a medium to present their collections. These films are moving campaigns and lively lookbooks that express the designers vision and aesthetic.

Moving Campaign Film 
Date: 3-11-2017 Time: 21:00 – 01:00
Date: 4-11-2017 Time: 11:00 – 01:00
Runtime: 00:23:15
Price: free entrance
Location: Lumière Cinema (in the exhibition area)


How to live together? Karma Salame - Rahel Pastor, 01:12

The performance video shows the coats worn by a group of models and dancers in an extraordinary urban setting, reminder of the old tabernacle and the desert’s earthy tones. “Every time you wear the coats, you have a homey feeling, and you carry with you those memories of the experiences you have shared on them”.

Silent wonderlust: Veronika Konvičková, 01:00

The relationship between silence and sound is the source of inspiration for the graduation collection ‘Silent Wonderlust’. The collection is about beauty found and captured in silence and stillness.

Kai Dunkel – Horos, Nico Meyer-Brenkhof, 01:50

We follow passages into an underworld that leads us to a non-place. A state where strong controlled seams fit the form, manifest confidence & authority.

GABRIEL+GUEVARA, Rob Truijen, 01:00

“in search of whiteness – in praise of shadows serpent’s embrace follows its venom, life and legend, shedding skin; into oasis’ night sky, shining bright in equilibrium, to jaguar’s patches dancing in the dark, wings uncoil.”

HOODIEMONKS, Martin Cenkl, 01:42

HOODIEMONKS is about rapping Buddhists monks in Japan. The selection of clothing forms is based on mutual connection between Eastern and Western culture.

Fermi Paradox, Aaron Arnoldt, 02:14

Inspired by the “The simulation Argument” from N.Bostrom, the collection “Fermi Paradox” is based on the question if we are living in a simulated reality. Observing our unconscious mind, our dreams and therefore a possibility of what is real or not.

The dissection of Daddy Cool, Ellen Truijen, Bob van Boven 01:36

This short movie shows the reversed process of the making of an ellen:truijen bag. The bag is produced with the greatest care, from the stitching of the lining to the punching of the leather, the labels and the packman detail on the zipper. All components are dissected to create more awareness for the whole process.

Canted Conscience, Thomas Nuyten 02:41

The collection was based on the way the absolute communal conscience has been pushed aside by the arrival of the „individual conscience” with the start of the past era (the age of Pisces). With the start of the age of Aquarius we can revive this communal conscience that has been lost for millennia, and combine it with our current individual conscience into a new society. We wanted to translate this concept to film by focusing on the shift of the individual on its own, to being part of a group, a whole, while keeping the personal traits intact. Different characters, shapeshifting and uniting into one.

Debora Dax, ‘6 OBJECTS – Projecting Identity Expressions’ 10:02

Documentary The artistic documentary that gives the audience insight into the experiences, wishes and needs of people who consciously express their identity and enables questions about how we experience, judge or define identity. Six people with various backgrounds talk about their identity using the most meaningful object for their transformation and/or gender expression. The characters do not come into view, but express their identity through this object by means of another’s body.

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