zondag 19 mei 2013

Encounter with DUD.ZIN.SKA from Poland

Please introduce yourself:
I’m Anna Dudzińska, fashion designer from Poland. I started running my own brand almost 2 years ago after graduating from Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design in Poland. My style may be described as a street style avant garde: I’m trying to combine different subjects and materials, but the biggest area of my interest is wool and things which you are able to make from it. My works were presented in Netherlands, France, Germany and Poland and have distincted by different media from all over the world. 

What inspires you in general? 
Everything what surrounds me: architecture, people, nature, music. 

Where are you based? 
I’m currently based in Gdańsk, Poland. 

What is it like to be a young designer in your city/country? 
A kind of challenge.

What place/city do you find inspiring? 
I’ve been to many places in the world and each of them I perceive as an inspiring one. I love Spain for outstanding modern architecture, London for multicultural freaks and Paris for tradition and art. 

What is the concept behind your latest collection? 
To show elusiveness of the moments and transfer it on clothes. I want to make some experimental structures, which could be hard to repeat. 

Your collection is inspired by Diane Tuft. Can you tell us who she is and why you picked her as starting point for your collection? 
Diane Tuft is a photographer, who concentrates on beauty and fragility of the natural world. She has always been fascinated by the mystery of what exists beyond the visible and captures that through specific cameras using infrared and ultraviolet techniques. What might be interesting is that you cannot predict the result of photographs and these techniques require certain conditions in which ultraviolet light is occuring. In my collection I’m trying to catch this idea by combining different materials, forms and structures. 

Describe your collection in three words:
Nature Mixture Contrary 

Can you describe your connection to nature? 
Nature is one of my greatest inspiration. It’s never constant, very unpredictable and determines our life whether we want it or not. In my collections I’m trying to stress this importance and encourage people to live in harmony with nature. 

Did you always wanted to work in the field of fashion? 
Maybe it would sound banally, but I’ve always wanted to work as a fashion designer. I remember the day when I first watched Fashion TV. In those days that was something completely unreal, yet magical. I was watching fashion shows, copying clothes to the paper and dreaming about my own studio. 

Do you have a muse? If yes, who is it and why? 
Helena Bonham Carter and Tilda Swinton. They’re great actresses, have magnetic personalities and unobvious but alluring beauty. 

Who is your favorite fashion designer? 
Hussein Chalayan, Alexander Wang, Martin Margiela. 

What is so far your greatest experience in your 'fashion' career? 
My jumper from Unknown AW 12/13 collection has been recently featured as an emerging trend for upcoming Autumn-Winter 13/14 season by WGSN! 

What is on your music list while you're making your collection? 
Amon Tobin, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 

What made you smile today? 
Riding on my bike.

What is the latest thing you bought for yourself? 
Some accessories.

What can we expect from you in the future? 
My brand’s expansion into another countries. Also I’d like to make woolen clothes as a sign of my brand’s recognition!

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