zaterdag 25 mei 2013

AJ METS, menswear label by Albert Jan Metselaar

Please introduce yourself: 
A.J. Metselaar 25 years old and I am from Rotterdam. My field of specialization now is fashion design and graphic/print design. 

What inspires you in general? 
Image, People and Experience. 

Where are you based? 

What is it like to be a young designer in your city/country? 
A bit boring - need to push myself to get out and find a more fashion-forward environment. 

What place/city do you find inspiring? 
Berlin, Tokio and for sure imaginary places.

Describe your collection in three words: 
Image, Juxtaposition, Youth 

Your work is inspired by the digital age. How did you transfer this concept to the actual collection? 
Allover you just have to see. This digital age is an overkill of information so there are some links to the overload in society. I transferred most in print and look. 

Can you explain the title of your collection 'Imaginary Youth' 
This collection is based on image, imagination and embracing youth. 

As youth is one of the core elements of your work, what do you think moves young people nowadays? 
Money, Change, Love, Friends, Technology and lots of other stuff but most of all they are searching for Identity and that’s quiet difficult to find nowadays because there is so much and it’s only increasing.  

Did you always wanted to work in the field of fashion? 
When I was young (13) I made a decision between Pro Sport and Fashion. Now I combine Sport and Fashion so I am cool with that. 

Do you have a muse? If yes, who is it and why? 
No not in general but for this collection (the kid) photographed by Dudi Hasson and Jean Michel Basquiat are muses for me. 

Who is your favorite fashion designer? 
Rei Kawakubo (Comme Des Garcons).

What is so far your greatest experience in your 'fashion' career? 
Trip to Shanghai and my internship at Raf Simons.

What is on your music list while you're making your collection? 
The XX, Audio Bullies, New Order, Naked and Famous and more. 

What made you smile today? 
The dream of Last Night and a nice shower. 

What is the latest thing you bought for yourself? 
ID Magazine, Baseball equipment and a bag.

What can we expect from you in the future? 
I hope a lot. Launching my own label and I hope I can do some great collaborations and find the right job at a great fashion house.

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