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Korean Fashion Designer: Bona Kim

Please introduce yourself to our readers. (Who are you, where do you come from and what is your field of specialization?)
Bona Kim. I am a Korean fashion designer who recently completed Master in Fashion Design and Technology, Womenswear at London College of Fashion 2012.

What inspires you in general?
My inspiration comes from ordinary things in daily life. My design journey starts from questioning our daily lives. What we eat or drink, wear and how we socialize and find yourself amongst other.

Where are you based?
Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, educated in London.

What is it like to be a young designer in your city/country?
Challenging, but also interesting. I get lots of changes to see people in different fields. This is what makes me feel special. I love meeting new people.

What place/city do you find inspiring?
Everywhere. I see different things and that’s how I start my work. New vision, better inspiration.

What is the concept behind your latest collection/creation?
"Go to the Fine Teatime". The collection was originally inspired by tea drinking ceremony in revived Rococo period. Fundamentally, the ceremony itself brings pleasure and peace to those who enjoy a cup of tea, followed by throwing a good source of socializing, too. Curved lines and exaggerated details of teapots in diversity have influenced the collection in terms of silhouette, details, colours and also mood in overall. The metaphor to technical development of teapot is empowered by developing both decoration and functional aspects.

Describe your collection/creation in three words.
Elegant, couture aesthetic, extravagant details

Did you always want to work in the field of fashion?
Yes. Fashion is what completes who we are. I always find it fascinating to be able to dress up others.

Do you have a muse? If yes, who is it and why?
Not really. It changes depending on projects.

Who is your favorite fashion designer?
Azzedine Alaïa, Stephane Rolland, Riccardo Tisci.

What is so far your greatest experience in your 'fashion' career?
Presenting my first official collection in London is so far the greatest experience.

What is on your music list while you are making your collection/creation?
Burial and Damian rice.

What made you smile today?
Smell of spring

What is the latest thing you bought for yourself?
Pufume of penhaligon’s. fragrant with clean, warm

What can we expect from you in the future?
I am working as a fashion designer or creative director and preparing for my next collection.

Since you come from an Asian country, do you use any eastern cultural elements to your design?
I like looking at European culture in a point of an Asian view. Thus, everything I do in London comes as a fountain of inspiration.

How do you combine traditional South Korean elements with modern influences?
For my collection, I used fine hand embroidery of Korean traditional costume on my garments. And I added it to modernized pattern of mine. A combination of East and West was my aesthetic for the collection.

The title of your collection is 'Go to the Fine Teatime'. Can you describe how this tea time would look like (Asian or British teatime)?
It is British teatime. Teatime is one of my greatest, perhaps for many others too, interests that I started to have since I move to London. It brings pleasure and peace to everyone. And even function as a getaway from our busy daily lives. I researched the development of British tea drinking and teapots in order to express historical facts and to find out what specifically influenced the collection. I picked up decorative part of teapot and developed them into wearable pieces such as 3D belts or embroidery. I wanted to suggest a new tea-time that was inspired by old-fashioned tea-time.

What step in the process of designing fashion do you like the most?
Draping is my favorite. I like starting my design journey that leads to unexpected design outcomes.

Photography: Hill and Aubrey

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