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IKKAI by Gerda Postma - The aura of fashion

The name IKKAI, which is partly used as a pseudonym, emerged from a fascination with old family traditions and gender issues. It is a combination of the characters Gerda and Kai, also occurring in a story by H.C. Anderson, and used as a tradition to replace the name Gerda for Kai. The work ´IK´ means ´I´ in Dutch, the name KAI represents the male side of the twofold personage. IKKAI turned into an alter ego of neutral gender.

Please introduce yourself:
My life started on the countryside in the northern part of the Netherlands.
I make installations related to fashion. Within the installation, I use several disciplines like illustration, animation and film where clothing and accessories function as a communicative device within the concept, aiming to redefine fashion ideals.

Where are you based?

What inspires you in general?
Films, music, social developments, design art, stories, museums.

What is it like to be a young designer in your city/country?
There are a lot of opportunities in our country when it comes to art and design.
When it comes to art and design the quality level is high, it is progressive and the Dutch are open to new initiatives.

What place/city do you find inspiring?

What made you chose the 'aura' as concept for your collection?
I’m interested in showing the aura of a subject that is created through a ritual way of working. 

How would you describe the term aura?
To me ‘aura’ is invisible and abstract that regards to the atmosphere of the subject. Besides ‘aura’ relates to the zeitgeist.

Why did you choose to combine different disciplines to work with the concept of aura?
I have many ideas when it comes to the presentation of fashion. The way of presenting is equivalent to the products. I’m interested in challenging the unknown. Every discipline communicates in it’s own way and has it’s own aura and function.

Describe your collection in three words
Ritual, handmade, emotive.

Did you always wanted to work in the field of fashion?
No and still I’m not only working in the field of fashion.

Who is your favorite fashion designer?
Carolin Lerch, founder of Pelican Avenue

What is so far your greatest experience in your 'fashion' career?
The programming and making of my first installation after graduating in 2012, which was subsidized by the Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst and shown at Subbacultcha and Nuit Blanche. Studio Reed and Rader contributed to the project through making a video build in progressing.

What is on your music list while you are making your collection?
Hope Sandoval, Eklin, Mount Eerie, Cocteau twins, Julee Cruise, Mobb Deep.

What made you smile today?
My (male) accountant who told me today that he is on a diet because he starts eating chocolate cookies when he’s emotional.

What is the latest thing you bought for yourself?

What can we expect from you in the future?
A collaboration between two product designers from New York, they have a beautiful website. Besides I hope to continue my installations and selling accessories.

Image 1: 'aura', photographer: Daan Paans
Image 2: studio
Image 3: 'holon', photographer: Daan Paans

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