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FASHIONCLASH is honoured to team up for the 8th time with PL-Line, Maastricht based fashion icon that supports FASHIONCLASH since the very beginning.

Just like FASHIONCLASH, PL-Line owner Léon Holla underlines this years 'Fashion Makes Sense' festival theme. "We see clothing as an extension of our personality. As our second skin, it represents who we are and how we want to the world to see us.

Specializing in men’s clothing, the first PL-Line boutique was launched by Holla in the 90s; a fashionable era with key ingredients such as grunge, heroin chic and not to mention clear lines. At the threshold of a red-hot decade, the latest PL-Line store (for both men and women) is all about high quality and avant-garde design, yet also about a new sense of luxury that is more pure and subtle. Gradually high fashion labels take center stage again, and luxury at PL-Line takes the shape of distinct pieces that are made with attention to craft.

Stylishly remixing several leading collections is also a quality found in PL-Line with for example a classic line that consists of Prada’s solid framework and Thom Brown’s or Saint Laurent’s innovative feel. Also, young and upcoming labels that are a bit more budget friendly are featured for a cool charisma that is felt in brands like Off-White by Virgil Abloh for men or Moncler, Stella McCartney and Victoria Beckham for women. Two carefully put together lines for the headstrong customer are at the core of PL-Line’s collection: PL-Line Luxury Sportswear, (fresh and flamboyant) plus PL-Line Men & Women City Outfits for the exclusive, fashion vibe with the very best of the international first line collections.

The PL-Line City Outfits store also oozes a cosmopolitan feel, complimented with a gorgeous garden, open to the public on sun-drenched days. Award-winning Interior designer Maurice Mentjens also calls PL-Line a ‘shopping temple’ with an ultra modern and clean look, yet stays in tune with the details of the monumental building. It’s especially this approach that underlines the true character of every piece of clothing, accessory or the special line of evening pieces. At the same time, PL-Line celebrates its Maastricht roots by turning the spotlight on talented, young designers of the FASHIONCLASH Festival.

The 'What to wear' question might be fashion's biggest question to Google, but when FASHIONCLASH Festival approaches, all the alarm bells tend to go off! Together with the designers, we will deliver enough inspiration on the catwalk and at the Fashion Makes Sense LAB, but fashion expert PL-Line comes to the rescue to help you rock the runway as well. With their latest FASHION(CLASH) inspiration they will tickle your senses so you can show off your personality during the festival!

Need more? Check out their 24/7 tips & tricks 

AND.. don't forget to visit the beautiful PL-Line store to discover their sense of fashion, together with the amazing designs by brands like Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Balmain, Prada, Stella McCartney, Off-White, Amiri, Balenciaga, Tom Ford and much more.

Store: Bredestraat 7a | Maastricht

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