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Floriane Misslin is a French designer based in Eindhoven. After having pursued classical and technical fashion studies at The Duperré School of Applied Arts in Paris she became interested in analyzing the fashion body from a sociological perspective. She graduated from The Design Academy Eindhoven in 2016.
She is currently working to develop Uni—Sex, a visual analysis that observes how the male and female bodies are represented in an idealized context of gender neutrality.
She is passionate about creative and critical thinking, media imagery, represqentations of the body and their cultural meaning.

Floriane Misslin's work can be seen at FASHIONCLASH
Festival during the Fashion Makes Sense LAB  on June 30 - July 2 at SAMdecorfabriek. On sunday (July 2th) Misslin will join the panel at the Fashion Makes Sense TALKS.

How would you define fashion?
Sets of meaningful sociocultural codes we adorn our body with.

What fascinates/inspires you and why?
I’m inspired by social theory and fashion history: how each trend, garment, behavior is strongly linked to an emotion, a common desire or a collective understanding.

Finding your own distinctive voice can be difficult, where and how do you find your personal creativity (before you start designing/during the design process)?
By reading theory and keeping my eyes open on everything happening around.

What challenges did you face during the design process?
Missing collaborators to share tasks and gain strength. Days with longer hours to have time to produce with more depth and trials.

What do you want to communicate with your work in general?
The meanings of matters which are generally considered as superficial because they are perceived as competition and not as social realities.

Can you tell us something about the project you will present at the FASHIONCLASH Festival?Uni—Sex is an ongoing creative research on genderless imagery. How do we represent a body without any gender connotation? How do we educate masses on different ways to portray individuality? How can the fashion industry serve and follow such evolution? The research is taking shape through various forms, from writing to visual design, publication to performance.

What do you try to communicate with your project?
I try to communicate knowledge and questioning about genderless identities and open conversations on the future of gender.

Why have you decided to participate at FASHIONCLASH Festival? 
Because my work is all about making sense out of fashion.

FASHIONCLASH is already working on future themes. What are the topics you find interesting? 
Rebellious bodies. Unconventional protocols.

What are your thoughts regarding ‘religion and fashion’?
Fits with the topics I mentioned above, but even more political. Sounds good, you can go beyond known religions as such and think about worship and adornment.

(Does) Fashion Make(s) Sense?

In each pixel and millimeter of its perception, fashion is a communicative tool not taken seriously enough.

What are your thoughts on making ‘fashion’ more environmentally-friendly?
It is a necessity.

What are your thoughts on the senses in relation to the human body?
A major concern since technology makes us solitary.

What senses are engaged in your creation process?
Visual senses.

How does technology change your creation process?
Technology is allowing my researches to go much faster. It’s a full archive and network, not only in terms of contacts and collaborators but also as archive of valuable data.

Fun Facts

What’s a standard day for you?
Waking up quite early with day light on my face because morning is my favorite part of the day. Going to work in my studio.

Vegan, vegetarian, healthy diet or any food will do?
Totally vegetarian when I cook for my own. Believing in how eating healthy makes me feel happier, even though I wish handled better the balance hard work / healthy life.

What’s your favourite song at the moment?
At the moment it’s Kadia Blues from The Syliphone Years a.k.a Orchestre de la Paillotte.

Best Tv-show/movie at the moment?
Radio podcasts from France Culture “Les Pieds sur Terre”.

What is your bad habit?

Checking mails in my bed.

Are you a people's person or a loner?
A people’s person but extremely independent.

Do you have a pet?

Your favorite quote?
Are we a body or do we have a body?

What/Who do you miss the most when you are not at home?
Sleeping naked.

If you could move anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
I’d move anywhere, as long as I am inspired and learning.

What do you enjoy the most in life?

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Hugh Grant.

Favourite magazine?

Read more about Floriane Misslin and her work: http://florianemisslin.com/                                 

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