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Coffee Break Story #4

Together with our partner Coffeelovers we will be sharing a Coffee Break Story almost every Sunday as of the 4th of June! 5 Local designers who are part of FabricAge will be sharing their “cup of inspiration” and “what tickles their fashion senses”. 

Our fourth Coffee Break is with:
Photo: Marloes van Doorn

 Jolijn Fiddelaers | www.ixxcreates.com

 Jolijn (1979) is born and raised in Limburg. In 2002 she graduated at the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design (MAFAD). She is a passionate initiator, creator and entrepreneur and since 2002 she has worked as an academic teacher and industrial textile designer for various international companies. She is owner and art director of IXX. Jolijn is one of the designers in this year's edition of FabricAge. In collaboration with Maarten van Mulken and Suzanne Vaessen she is also responsible for the design of the first FabricAge creation.

1.What makes the social design label & project FabricAge so unique? Why do you wanted to be part of FabricAge?

I love the entire concept of FabricAge as it uses design to build bridges between different worlds, on various levels. This is what I intend to do with my design studio IXXcreates and slow fashion label KARIGAR as well. I preferably contribute to projects that are design-focused AND have a strong a
social/sustainable pillar as well. As a designer FabricAge is a wonderful playground to explore new and old techniques and various materials in big-scale artworks. Working together with senior craft experts and workshop attendees is inspiring because I learn from their skills and creativity, also on a practical level. And just as important: I am amazed by the aliveness and vibrancy I meet in their eyes and personalities. They truly inspire me, and again and again, I see the beauty of being creative.

2. What can we expect from you during FabricAge, FASHIONCLASH Festival 2017 and/or in the future? 

FASHIONCLASH is a great place to be inspired by the work of young designers, and I will visit as many events as possible! I am curious to see what moves them and how it expresses in their work. With two business partners, I am building an international presence for KARIGAR, our slow fashion brand for which we work with traditional artisans in India. A commercial follow-up for the design work I started doing in 2010. It is exciting and rewarding to see how my pioneering is now paying off and our beautiful hand-woven products such as capes, shawls, scarves are finding their way across
the globe. Currently, we are working on a new collection to show at Dutch Design Week in October 2017. We have just received the cape-prototypes for a new colour range, a fashion shoot is planned in July and I am preparing for another India trip this winter, to start up new collaborations with textile artisans. Besides establishing KARIGAR as a brand, there are a few nice design projects for IXX. My work now is a beautiful blend of creative expression and commercial viability, and I enjoy it!

3. How does Fashion Make Sense to you nowadays?

Fashion Makes Sense when it is looked at from a broader perspective. Beauty-, identity- and self-expression are intrinsic and healthy values for human beings, and fashion is a great playground for this. Of course, how our creations are produced matters as much as how we wear them. There is a growing sense of responsibility amongst designers and creators. And don’t get me wrong: this can be fun! Travelling a new road is challenging and exciting.

4. What magazine or book does every creative/fashion designer should have on their coffee table?

Honestly, I hardly ever use books or magazines to get inspired. The only book that I always have with me is my notebook. I prefer to create my own stories.

From 1 June until 15 July 2017 Jolijn will be working with four other designers and six craft experts during various FabricAge workshops, covering the techniques of (experimental) knitting, embroidery and weaving. Together with the senior (55+) participants, one spectacular textile design will be created for the city of Maastricht. Wanna join one of the FabricAge workshops? Check out www.fabric-age.nl/workshops (NL)!

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