zondag 18 juni 2017

Coffee Break Story #3

Together with our partner Coffeelovers we will be sharing a Coffee Break Story almost every Sunday as of the 4th of June! 5 Local designers who are part of FabricAge will be sharing their “Cup of Inspiration” and “What tickles their fashion senses”.

Our third Coffee Break is with:
Verena Klein | verenaklein.tumblr.com 

Verena Klein studied fashion design at the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design and launched her label one year ago. She loves Maastricht and the people so much that she decided to stay. “In a restless world it is scarce to find a place where creativity pulsates, and you can find serenity and tranquillity at the same time”, she thinks. Verena combines two passions in her work: handcrafted garments made out of pure natural textiles and contemporary dance. It is important for her that the medium of presentation and the goods complement each other. Connecting these two disciplines enables her to tell her subtle but emotional stories. Verena is one of the designers involved in the FabricAge project. She will also present her collection as part of the Peace Stones Studios collective at the Designer Market during FASHIONCLASH Festival.

1. What makes the social design label & project FabricAge so special. Why do you wanted to be part of the project FabricAge? 

What I like about traditional craftsmanship is the fact that it requires patience, time and love to make it. Nowadays it is all about efficiency and time-optimisation. Which I think is a real pity, because in my opinion, it goes hand in hand with the loss of appreciation for the product and the making process. I can absolutely enjoy the repetitive movement of, for example, embroidering and can occupy myself with that for hours. I love the idea to do that in a community and to aim at a joint final product. In general, I think it is important nowadays to work with, rather than against each other. I also think that because of the outsourcing of production factories, no matter what business, more and more technical knowledge gets lost. I hope to meet some skilled craft-seniors during that project and I’m looking forward to learn from them. The designer’s task is among others, to translate that into a contemporary picture.

2. What can we expect from you during FASHIONCLASH Festival 2017, FabricAge and/or in the future? 

Together with four friends, we launched a collective of fashion-, product- and jewellery designers called Peace Stones Studios a half year ago. We will be part of the Designer Market at FASHIONCLASH Festival. To satisfy my “theater-costume-designing-desire”, I am busy with a show in Aachen (Winter 2017) and one in Maastricht (Spring 2018). Both under the direction of choreographer Joost Vrouwenraets from Maastricht.

3. How does Fashion Make Sense to you nowadays? 

No personality should be constricted by clothing. Neither the wearer nor the maker.

4. What magazine or book does every creative/fashion designer should have on their coffee table? 

As I am not that interested in trends, I don’t really buy magazines. But I am a huge fan of audio books and podcasts. Everytime I am working in my studio on a production I listen to it. For the Germans, the podcast by Laura Seiler is very recommendable. She is a mindfulness- and empowerment coach. She helps me a lot in my development as an independent entrepreneur, combining a label, two side jobs, commissioned work and a private life. My all time favourite is “Momo” by Michael Ende. And at the moment I am reading “The Four Agreements” by Don Miquel Ruiz.

From 1 June until 15 July 2017 Verena will be working with four other designers and six craft experts during various FabricAge workshops, covering the techniques of (experimental) knitting, embroidery and weaving. Together with the senior (55+) participants, one spectacular textile design will be created for the city of Maastricht. Wanna join one of the FabricAge workshops? Check out www.fabric-age.nl/workshops (NL)!

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