zaterdag 24 juni 2017

FASHIONCLASH Festival preview at Catwalk Maastricht

FASHIONCLASH Festival preview performance at Catwalk Maastricht.

Today, the audience in the city of Maastricht experienced a small tasty teaser of to expect during the festival. In cooperation with SESSIBON and MAFAD the newest local talents presented their work at Mosae Forum and Entre Deux shopping areas.

The displayed red outfits are designed by 3-D year students from the Body department at MAFAD. The red represented the urge to protest and speak out. Does Fashion Make Sense? was the question posed while parading among the streets dominated by fast fashion shops.
The statement was not there to judge the people but mostly to engage a dialogue in the streets, afteral the street is the biggest display of 'fashion'.
Moreover the performance happend to give voice to the new generation of designers and the eight MAFAD students: Ashley Luypaers, Max Niereisel, María Voth Velasco, Michelle Cornelissen, Dana Lipka, Julina Bezold, Natalia Rumiantseva and  Empar Juanes Sanchis

Fashion Makes Sense, the 9th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival will take place from June 29 till July 2 in Maastricht.

More about the FASHIONCLASH Festival program:

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