zondag 4 juni 2017

Coffee Break Story #1

Together with our partner Coffeelovers we will be sharing a Coffee Break Story almost every Sunday as of the 4th of June! 5 Local designers who are part of FabricAge will be sharing their “cup of inspiration” and “what tickles their fashion senses”.

Our first Coffee Break is with:
SUZANNE VAESSENwww.strikks.nl 

Suzanne Vaessen, 29, living in Maastricht and knitwear designer/ co-owner of STRIKKS designer knits. Suzanne is one of the designers in this year's edition of FabricAge. STRIKKS will also present its research collection at the FASHIONCLASH Designer Market (30 June-2 July 2017/SAMDecorfabriek), where they will be investigating the role consumers play in the customization of a (fashion)collection.

1. What makes the social design label & project FabricAge so unique and why do you want to be part of the project FabricAge? 

The interaction and commitment with other designers, crafts buddies and participants is very strong. FabricAge demands you to look at people who share your passion, but have different ways of making this passion come to life. As a designer, I’d hope to create a mindset that the image in your head can always be realised. Open up, talk to others, look around (and always keep your eyes on the prize!).

2. What can we expect from you during FASHIONCLASH Festival 2017, FabricAge and/or in the future?

 Like I mentioned before, our collection is a collection that is under development. We take the input we get at the FASHIONCLASH Festival and the experience of co-creation at FabricAge back to our design studio and draw our conclusions. I’m convinced that this development is an on-going process that in some ways will probably never end. To be able to stay an open-minded design studio, with enough attention to the world we’re creating for, the unique setting and spirit of the FASHIONCLASH platform will be our chance to meet once again all of those people we've spoken.

3 How does Fashion Make Sense to you nowadays?

Obviously, fashion is the way someone expresses themselves. Whether you pay a lot of attention to your looks or none at all, fashion goes beyond a sense of style nowadays. It’s the act of a group coming together and a tool to read what is concerning individuals next door and across the glob
e. That’s the reason why I'm so hung up on it.

4 What magazine or book does every creative/fashion designer should have on their coffee table?

I like to have a peek in the creative processes of other designers. I like to see how they work because it tells a lot about a person's mindset, the designer and the design itself. The book ‘How they work’ by Inga Powilleit and Tatjana Quax is right up my sleeve.

 From 1 June until 15 July 2017 Suzanne will be working intensively with 4 other designers and 6 craft experts during various workshops, covering the techniques of (experimental) knitting, embroidery and weaving. Together with the senior (55+) participants, one spectacular textile design will be created for the city of Maastricht.In collaboration with Maarten van Mulken and Jolijn Fiddelaers she is also responsible for the design of the first FabricAge creation. Wanna join one of her FabricAge knitting workshops in Centre Céramique? Check out www.fabric-age.nl/workshops (NL)!

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