zaterdag 6 juni 2015


Today we are introducing the jewelry brand DELACIER, established by Dóra Domokos.

Dóra Domokos is a fashion designer based in Budapest, Hungary. During her study in the French-based Modart Fashion and Art School in Budapest, she experimented with the fusion of the classic ladies-wear and functional accessories. With that exploration, she discovered that she could use a unique string art technique on the surface of the mental. With this unique technique, she established her own brand DELACIER of jewelries after graduation. This year she will participate at the designer market of FASHIONCLASH Festival 2015. Be ready to buy the unique jewelries then! 

Q&A with designer Dóra Domokos:

How would you describe your work? What is your technique?
For DELACIER, each piece is made of stainless steel. The custom-machined frame is covered with string art technique. All the necklaces, the neckbands, the cuffs and other accessories, are applied with the combination of both modern technology and traditional techniques. This unique fusion must not happen at the expense of comfort, so the wearability plays an important role in the design process. The jewelry is best characterized by its exciting shapes that are renewed each season. The string art pattern for each piece is unique and unrepeatable, emphasizing the uniqueness of the wearer. Timeless stability meets sophisticated elegance in the collection. In addition, DELACIER also provides extreme fashion accessories not meant for everyday use, but for the futurist line of the brand.

What was the most important thing your parents taught you, that you now bring into your work?
Mainly, the sense of purpose and the insistence.

Have you recently experienced something that totally blew your mind? 
One of the form of abstract art, called drip painting in which paint is dripped or poured onto the canvas. This has inspired my new collection for spring-summer 2015.

What is your most favorite brand? Why?
Yiqing Yin is one of my favorite brands & designers. I like her couture collections so much, because she’s got a really good sense of texture and structure. She is a very experimental and innovative designer.
What do you strive for in your work? 
I want to create something unique, timeless and exciting.

What are the key factors in your design?
The quality, the thisness, and the experimentation.

What is the contemporary condition of fashion in your place of residence? 
Hungary is a small country and the economy is not strong (fashion inclusive), so every designer try to postpone the country's borders and participate in design fair abroad.

What does your collection try to communicate?
The timeless stability meets sophisticated elegance.

Why have you decided to participate at FASHIONCLASH? 
I think it’s a very good opportunity for my brand to develop further and for me to meet other designers.

Who are your target consumers? How do you define them? 
DELACIER targets all those 25-45 year-old women who are not only seeking exceptional, handmade quality but also fresh, innovative, uniquely designed jewelries and accessories.

What is your price range?
40 -400 Euro.

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