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Hana Frisonsova is a fashion designer and visual merchandiser who come from nord of the Czech Republic and now based in Prague.  She has been designing for about 5 years. This year, with her amazing new collection, she has participated at fashion shows of FASHIONCLASH Festival 2015.

Q & A with designer Hana Frisonsova:

How would you describe your work? Have you shown your collections before, if so, where?
I'm focused on the use of traditional techniques with a congtemporary conception like crocheting, macramé, tie-dye, patchwork. I combine expressive pieces with wearable clothes. Each collection is a mix of tradition with futurism, individuality and self-expression. I presented my work for example at Shooting Fashion Stars in Prague, FASHIONCLASH Maastricht or International Fashion Showcase in London. I was awarded the Erste Bank Fashion Award in Vienna and this year I was nominated for Fashion Designer of the Year at CZECH GRAND DESIGN 2014.

Who are your artistic influences or inspirations and why?
I grew up on science fiction and handcrafted techniques - my parents both has many hobbies and passions so it's a good background to the craftsmanship and fantasy world. Also i'm very fascinated by my friends - muses around me.

Finding your own voice is difficult, where and how do you find your personal creativity (before you start designing; during the design process)? 
Partying is my valve all the time - i really need the music and dance to work, i think it's like getting high without using any drogs.

What was the most important thing your parents taught you, that you now bring into your work? 
Love to science fiction & handcrafted things.

Have you recently experienced something that totally blew your mind? 
Collaboration with Věra Vtípilová in the artistic way, new and strong experience for both!

Which item in your wardrobe really typifies you and why? 
Oversized sweatshirt/dress/tunics because i found it practical and I wear it all the time.

What is your most favorite accessory and why? 
At the moment I wear a necklace by Czech Designer Jana Rollo and the ring by my ex-schoolmate Lubos Hnizdil. I like to have some unique and designed pieces around me.

What is your most favorite brand and why? 
I don't have any - but i'm fan of many progressive designers, who has great visions and they mix their passions together, as is natural to them. That's why I like FASHIONCLASH so much - that all the energies are together there.

How would you define fashion?
Express yourself.

Are you a people's person or a loner? 
Depens..I love to go to a great party for dance all night long and then stay home for two weeks alone.

What do you strive for in your work? 
I like to challenge myself – for example by using old handcrafted techniques to do something contemporary.

What are the key factors in your design? 
Handcrafted, bold, dynamical.

What makes your items different from others (What is your designing philosophy)? 
I like to make accessories to make the full look and tell the story. The items are mostly for both but not for everybody.

Fashion needs to progress year in year out, how do you keep innovating? 
Every year i use new techniques to discover what can I do. Next season i can use it more, better or combine it all together.

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