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Meet the Maker #2 - FASHIONCLASH Festival 2015

Meet the Maker #1 
Meet the Maker #2 in collaboration with Bureau Europa 
June 13 13:00 - 17:00 in the context of FASHIONCLASH Festival 2015

Last year, Bureau Europa and Studio Noto successfully started a new concept called Meet the Maker, a platform for presenting work of young designers and performers to a select group of interested professionals.

Additional to the collaboration with Studio Noto the next edition will be organised together with FASHIONCLASH Maastricht.

For this special edition of Meet the Maker, five artists have been selected to present an object, project or performance to a (transdis- ciplinary) group of interested parties and then talk about their works and performances while having lunch together in a special setting.

The works and performances that will be pre- sented have to be related to this year's theme of the FASHIONCLASH Festival: Gender. The works do not necessarily have to be created for this event. Artists are free to choose work which is even incomplete or in the making, as long as it links with the theme. The challenge is to choose a artwork or performance and give the reason for this particular choice. The audience is considered as being participants themselves that enter into a dialogue with the makers. After the short presentations, there will be food and discussion in an informal setting.

Meet the Maker #2  Participants: Casper Wortman, Miglė Nevieraitė, Matthijs Holland, Anne Marie Borsboom and Dario Tortorelli.
Meet the Maker #1 -  Dutsy Thomas
With Meet the Maker Bureau Europa aims to provide a platform for encounters between creators, thinkers, and designers from the Euregio. The drain of young (design) talent is a known issue in the Euregio. The lack of a good (cultural) infrastructure plays an important role in this problem. It is crucial for talent to experience connectedness through creating networks and cultural careers. Such experiences begin with a meeting: therefore, every six months, Bureau Europa wants to of- fer space for a weekend of such meetings.

Because this edition is organised in collaboration with FASHIONCLASH the event will be part of the press tour of the FASHIONCLASH festival. That means that a lot of professional journalists and bloggers will join the event. Then subsequently, during the rest of the day, Bureau Europa is accessible for everybody to make sure that the works can be seen by a broad audience.

Meet the Maker is an initiative of Bureau Europa and Studio Noto.

More information about FASHIONCLASH Festival Side Program:
Meet the Maker #1 -  Dutsy Thomas

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