donderdag 24 mei 2018

Cheers to Brand Bier!

The 10 year anniversary of FASHIONCLASH Festival also marks their first ever collaboration with Brand Bier, the oldest brewery in the Netherlands.
Although it may seem like an unlikely match, FASHIONCLASH and Brand Bier share the same key values, such as a belief in new talents, coherent (heavenly!) creations and pushing the limits, however paying respect to tradition and craftmanship. But most importantly, it is an understanding of the value of ‘togetherness’ and the enjoyment of the now. Beer has never been just about beer. It is this sense of ‘togetherness’ and community building, a fraternity around beer, starting from the monks in the Middle Ages, that can still be seen in the present day. Today, this community is built around people who are passionate about beer, resulting in perhaps the most common drink to have achieved a god-like status. From the monks Middle-Ages until today, this group of devotees continue to display their devotion for beer - their religion. Therefore, cheers to Brand Bier for continuing the tradition of devotion to beer!

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