donderdag 31 mei 2018

D.A.I. by Du Qinling

Meet Du Qinling, the Chinese fashion designer behind the label DuAsInfinity living in the Netherlands. She started her own label DuAsInfinity (aka D.A.I.) after graduating from the  London College of Fashion.

What made you realize that you wanted to work in (fashion) design?
 I am always attracted to well made and design objects, textiles, crafts and furniture.

Why did you choose fashion?
Clothes are what we need every day. For me, working in fashion feels like working in something essential to our life needs, not only physically, but also spiritually.

What are your sources of inspiration?
Music, Arts, Films, books.

Why did you decide to participate in FASHIONCLASH 2018? What are your expectations?

FASHIONCLASH exists since 10 years, so it must be an excellent event celebrating fashion. I would like to meet many professionals in fashion or media fields, gaining more press.

What do you love most about (fashion) design? What are the biggest struggles faced by young designers?
 It is very visual and functional way to tell people what your ideas are. The biggest struggle faced by young designers are the panels connecting to buyers.

How would you define fashion?
The role you want to play today.

What do you think are the most important issues in fashion today?
Over-consumption. High street fashion brands have provided costumers a convenient platform to reach the fashion trends with low cost methods. Garments are often over produced or they are easily gotten rid of after purchase which are not sustainable for the environment.

How do you think fashion contributes to society, can it contribute to a better world? 
Fashion designers can talk about what is happening in the society through their collection. They can bring the topic to the public and promote it. I think it can contribute to a better world.

What challenges do you face in the design process? What are your favorite parts of the process? 
Technical sourcing. At the beginning, it is difficult to find a technician that reaches our standards or shares same aesthetics. Fabric print design is my favorite part of the process.

Describe your design process in one word. Uncertainty.

How would you describe the concept behind your project (for FASHIONCLASH)?
This is a collection about music, more precisely, Techno music. The music scene has provide people a private zone that differs from their daily life. This collection would do the same.

What inspired you? Wes Anderson, Bridget Riley

How would you describe your project in three words? Romantic, Strong, Vivid.

What projects are you involved in at the moment? What are your next steps?
I am currently working the collection which is going to be presented during FASHIONCLASH2018. For my next step, I would like to join showrooms during fashion weeks, directly facing buyers.

What are your thoughts regarding fashion and religion?
Fashion often takes inspirations from religion. Religion is more settled while fashion is more unconstrained. Fashion also challenges religion sometimes.

What does your day look like during the design process? 
My ideas always come in the evening when I take a walk outside. During the day, I am always busy with sampling.

Who is your favorite artist? Chinese Music producer Dou Wei

Who is your favorite designer? Raf Simons

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