dinsdag 22 mei 2018

Make-up, My Religion!

Amsterdam-based cosmetics brand ELLIS FAAS is on a crusade, but a different one from religious crusades. We want you to follow your own sense of beauty. So-called makeup experts keep telling consumers which shades and shapes are trendy or not, and by doing so they are taking away the joy of experimentation. People have become afraid. They've been convinced there is some sort of mystery as to what is "right" or "wrong". But in doing makeup there is no right or wrong. ELLIS FAAS is fighting to bring back the joy of doing makeup, by trying to take away silly rules an preconceptions, and reinstall the pleasure of trying things out. All ELLIS FAAS shades are suitable for every age, style and skin tone – so whatever you choose is up to you. If you look into the mirror and are happy with what you see, you're done. If not, just take it off and start again. It's only makeup after all...

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