dinsdag 8 mei 2018

Dana Jasinkevica - FASHIONCLASH Festival 2018

Dana Jasinkevica, from Latvia, currently studying MA Fashion at the Swedish School of Textiles, does artistic experiments with fashion by using structures, prints, knits and image of the body. Her newest collection, 'Complete' is a meditations on the interconnectivity that accompanies technology. The key aspect of the collection is a wilful deconstruction of what clothes should look like, a play on the conventional. Ample and baggy silhouettes give a suggestion of the anonymity we try to achieve from behind a screen.

'Complete' will be showcased at the Show Programme on Saturday the 16th of June at the SAM-Decorfabriek. You can get your tickets for the show here.

Why did you choose fashion?
It happened naturally while being into fine art field, almost since I can remember myself. I realized that for me the most natural form of expression was fashion (even if I am not a big fan of this word itself)

What would you say are your main achievements in your career?
Thinking from a holistic point of view - being able to make my ideas come to life. From most recent events I could mention Dorothy Waxman Textile Design Prize curated by Lee Edelkoort in New York where I was one of the finalists. It was important for me because some of my ideas were in a very early and unrefined stage but they were positively appreciated. Anyhow, I believe the best is yet to come.

What are your sources of inspiration?

Why did you decide to participate in FASHIONCLASH 2018? What are your expectations? Because it's a creative platform where people have good vibes and it can provide young designers new opportunities

What do you love most about (fashion) design? What are the biggest struggles faced by young designers?
It can be challenging to stay true to yourself sometimes

How would you define fashion?
Form of expression

What do you think are the most important issues in fashion today?
There is a big lack of consciousness in the society towards fashion

Describe your design process in one word.

How would you describe the concept behind your project (for FASHIONCLASH)? "COMPLETE" aims to express the idea of variation and development, depicting the conceptual aspiration into the unknown, including compelling and structured garments with experimental visual image. Everything is interconnected. Interaction can be seen and felt everywhere. In principle, a lot is already clear about what it will become, it's just not yet known in what form exactly. Everything will remain, but everything will change. Existing assumptions are used in making the collection about what clothes look like; they are deconstructed and examined in a new light, twisting and connecting them with webbing in abstract forms, reflecting a symbolic direction towards the unknown.

How would you describe your project in three words?
Structures, Juxtaposition, Illusion

What projects are you involved in at the moment? What are your next steps?
I prefer to talk about projects when they are done.

What are your thoughts regarding fashion and religion?
Both have to do something with commitment

How does your day look like during the design process?
Constantly changing

For more information: www.danajasinkevica.com

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