donderdag 31 mei 2012

Get ready for Sasha Kanevski

1. Please introduce yourself to our readers. (Who are you, where do you come from and what is your field of specialization?) 
My name is Sasha Kanevski and I’m from Kiev, Ukraine. I graduated from the University of Technology and Design in Kiev majoring in Fashion design. I did several internships in Moscow and New York. Eventually I set up my own brand sasha.kanevski. that is all about urban sophistication, where the functional and sexual are inseparable, as they create a laconic street-style silhouette. 

2. Tell us a little bit about the concept behind your collection. 
The concept of the collection is in depicting a strong, willful and confident personality surviving in a post apocalyptic environment, when there’s shortage in recourses and when functional, wearable, but at the same time stylish clothes is the only saving grace and reminiscent of vanished civilization.

3. What served as inspiration for your collection? 
I guess that was the “Misfits” series, because every look is inspired by a certain character with superpowers. On the one hand they are common teenagers walking the Ukrainian streets, on the other – predators, which survive in urban jungles. It appeals to that animal instinct we all have inside.

4. What made you decide to do a mixed collection? 
As the concept of this collection is all about primary instincts, survival and struggle, women and men are inseparable, they complete each other and the existence of one is impossible without the existence of the other.

5. How do you personally define “FASHIONCLASH” or “a clash with fashion” for yourself? 
As a concept and a project I define it to be a melting pot or even an explosive blend of individuality, expression, extremity and edginess that will end up in an outbreak of new ideas, and further development.

Sasha Kanevski
Sasha Kanevski

You can also listen to sasha.kanevski soundtrack!

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