maandag 28 mei 2012

“You see the overall of what we are” by Brian Geradts

1. Please introduce yourself to our readers. (Who are you, where do you come from and what is your field of specialization?) 
Hoi hoi, I’m Brian Geradts. I am... eeeuhm... let’s say I’m in my early twenties. I am 50/50 German/Dutch (my mother is Dutch and my father is German). Currently I’m living in Maastricht and I will hopefully graduate this summer from the Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht with a degree in fashion design (if I finally manage to hand in my last theoretical assignment I think everything will be ok). I am not sure yet what my field of specialization will be or if I ever want to focus on one field but for now it is menswear... and I love it! 

2. What can we expect from you at FASHIONCLASH Maastricht 2012? 
The fact that someone is expecting anything makes me quite nervous and pushes me forward at the same time! I guess you can expect pretty boys in pretty clothe with a lot of love and I hope that it’ll be something that excites you. 

3. Can you tell us a little about the concept of you collection? 
Sure! The collection is called “You see the overall of what we are” and is inspired by volcano eruptions. The dark, dramatic, oppressive, threatening and energetic atmosphere that surrounds a volcano eruption is a strong foundation of this collection and is reflected in high-necked collars, high-waisted pants and constricted coats. The volcano eruption is literally adopted in the form of a digital print. Dividing seams and layers symbolize the flowing lava. Dim, shiny, sleek, structural and hairy materials such as wool, silk, alpaca, velvet and velour emphasize the atmosphere as well as the colors. 
Black and dark green shades evoke oppressive and threatening feelings; white and orange portray the fume and lava and are complemented with a soft green. Discreet volumes create cool attitudes while fine lines define an elegant silhouette for a modern and daring man. The collection came to existence when I was in a weird mood. I was angry and upset. I think you can see that in the collection and that is why it came out rather dark and therefore it is called “You see the overall of what we are”. So it is pretty much personal. 

4. What were the delights and difficulties of this collection? 
The concept phase was quite a struggle for me. I had just returned from my internship at Hien Le in Berlin. It was kind of a shock being back in Maastricht. I wanted too much and I couldn’t get a grip on it... I was overstrained. Getting back on track was a delight. At a certain point I realized how much I had already learned, technically (how to use fabrics etc.) and about myself (getting closer to a smooth way to work and who I am as a designer) and that was such a cool thing! 

5. If you were to describe your collection in 3 words which ones would you choose? 
Prints, minimalistic & wearable (‘wearable’ sounds pretty bad doesn’t it?) 

Brian Geradts Portrait by Robbert Jacobs

 6. What inspires you? 
 There are a lot of things that inspire me... like films, music, art, design, and people. I don’t know why but mainly I get inspired by nature or things that are connected to nature. Maybe that is because I’m a Taurus and their element is earth, hahaha. 

 7. How do you personally define “fashion clash” or “a clash 
with fashion” for yourself? 
  For me the Clash Project during FASHIONCLASH Maastricht is pretty much the definition of a “fashion clash”. It is fun to see a mix or clash of fashion designs with other disciplines. People come up with unexpected materials and technologies. It can be very inspiring. 

Pictures by Kiet Duong

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