vrijdag 11 mei 2012

fORS - 2 visions brought together

1. Please introduce yourself to our readers. (Who are you, where do you come from and what is your field of specialization?) 
We are Patricia Neubauer and Bettina Keller, two german fashion designers. We have been working together for a few years now in Amsterdam under the name fORS

2. Please walk us through the concept of your work. 
The label’s creative base is founded in our two visions. Together we create fashion collections which embrace our differences and similarities resulting in conceptual garments that are both abstract and wearable. Friction between symmetry and asymmetry, bold uneven cuts and contrasts are the starting points for our designs. An essential and unique aspect of our garments is the adaptability of almost every piece. We aim to be ageless and timeless but with an extravagant sex appeal. 

3. Why did you choose film as a medium to present your collection? 
We like to experiment with different media. 

4. What makes your approach different from a standard fashion presentation? 
Having a catwalk show was never interesting for us. We rather create something that is lasting, an experience which is more democratic, intense and intimate. 

5. What is the inspiration behind your project? Or did the filming location also serve as a source of inspiration? 
Yes, the location certainly did inspire our new film “fast Nacht”, as it is the place where we both grew up. It is a 20 minutes short film and we haven´t finalized the project yet. So far, we will show fragments of the film and other projects we have been working on the last months for FASHIONCLASH Maastricht 2012. 

 6. What were the delights and difficulties of your project? 
“fast Nacht” is the biggest project we have done so far. The crew members were spread all over Europe and the location is a 1000 km away from Amsterdam. The whole organization and logistics under these circumstances were a huge challenge. The mix of working with old friends, coming from the same place as we do, friends form the Netherlands and new people and to feel the positive energy we all put into one great project was the beauty of it. 

7. How do you personally define “fashion clashor “a clash with fashion for yourself? 
FASHIONCLASH is an attractive solution for young creatives to show their work, meet each other and get a broad publicity. 

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