woensdag 30 mei 2012

Lenka Sršňová: Every ‘bad girl’ needs her ‘bad boy’!

1. Please introduce yourself to our readers. (Who are you, where do you come from and what is your field of specialization?) 
I am a fashion designer and I have been working under my own  homonymous brand Lenka Sršňová since 2009. I live and work in Bratislava, Slovakia, where I have a studio. I work with a number of young Slovakian artists. I specialize in fashion, but I am also interested in illustration, movie costumes and many other exciting activities. 

2. Tell us a little bit about the concept behind your collection. 
The main idea, which is present throughout the entire collection line, is to transform an ordinary man into an ideal superhero. The collection should offer something to the classics lovers, but also to the silent rebels.

3. What was your inspiration for this collection? 
In the last year of my study I began to work on a collection titled “Hero”. Its main idea was to transform an ordinary man into a superhero with muscles and manly silhouette. It was a great success and I decided to push it even further and combine men with robots. I discovered that the best technique to do it is to use raw materials: skeletons and 3D statue models. It was the best way to show a complete transformation of a man into a superhero with mechanical elements.
4. What does the name “BAD BOYS WANTED” say about your collection? 
We want bad boys and rebels! This prefabricated world lacks real bad boys! Every ‘bad girl’ needs her ‘bad boy’!

5. How is this collection different than the ones you have done before? 
The BBW collection is aimed mostly at men’s clothing. The selection for FASHIONCLASH is half boys half girls. In my previous work I focused on women garments. I always worked with the Czech jeweller Radka Kovacikova, who contributed to the collection with her accessories.
I also asked my friend and a type designer Ondrej Job to design a logotype for BBW and addressed Mimo Architects studio, whose members assisted me in preparation of airplane and robotic constructions for a few outfits. For the first time, I combined raw materials with fabrics and applied all these aspects in one collection.

6. You studied Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia but also did study periods abroad in Paris, France and Rovaniemi, Finland – What impact did the abroad experience have on your design aesthetics? 
The impact was very enriching :), especially in Paris. I met a lot of interesting people at the school and also at the fashion house of Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, where I did my internship. This was the key experience in my search for fashion identity :). After this internship I decided to balance between reality and fantasy. My work can be characterized by a play of intense colours, patterns, attention to detail, humour and symbolism. My outfits often teeter on the edge of reality and imagination, which gives them a unique and distinctive character :)

7. How do you personally define “fashionclash” or “a clash with fashion” for yourself? 
The big clash of young, fresh, contemporary fashion designers from all over the world!
Beng! Huaaaaaaa! Buuum! Shaaaaaaaaaa!

Pictures by Jakub Gulyás

Find out more about this collection from Lenka herself:

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