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VERWEVEN 2016 by Nina Willems

VERWEVEN  2016 by Nina Willems
Share the story behind your outfit!
Verweven - Trailer 2015 from Verweven on Vimeo.

Clothes are a very personal thing; we wear them directly to our naked skin, and are part of the way we show ourselves to the world.

What is the story behind the clothes YOU wear? What do they tell us about who you are, and what memories and emotions do they hold for you? In this installation, you can share your story with the rest of us!  You will be interviewed, and a short film will be made about your outfit of today and the story behind it.  Big or small, funny or sad, every story is worth sharing.
So don't be shy, don't hesitate and share!

Filming your own short film will take about 10 - 15 minutes.
Within an hour, you can see your own short film on one of the screens on the outside

Verweven is part of the Heritage exhibition at  SAMdecorfabriek
Open 1 July (18:30 — 23:00)
2 July (16:00 — 23:00)

Credits: Interviews: Nina Willems
Camera: Marijn Smulders
Editing: Derk Stenvers
Design: Vincent Willems
With special thanks to: Via Zuid Maastricht

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