vrijdag 10 juni 2016

Heritage Show + Talk - FASHIONCLASH Festival 2016

The Heritage Show is a special presentation in line with the theme Heritage directed by Studio Dennis Vanderbroeck. This collective show is composed with collections of designers who’s work expresses the theme of Heritage. Following the performance there is a Fashion Talk with the audience and the designers.

"heritage is a big word.
with heavy and emotional meaning.

heritage is about cherishing the past,
about being aware of the now,
about what might happen and what you might pass on in the future.

together with designers from all over the world i will try to,

collectively, with all that is happend before, 
collectively, on a sunny sunday afternoon,
collectively, try to leave an echo behind.

i know,
big words."

because i am worth it - Studio Dennis Vanderbroeck
Studio Dennis Vanderbroeck will take us around the world through the work of Aine Katrina Byrne, Hana Frisonsova (Czech Republic), Laetitia Lemaire (France), Juliëtte Heijnen (Netherlands), Uta Bekaia (USA/Georgia), Muslin Brothers (Israel), Natalie Dawson (UK), Pavlína Miklasová (Czech Republic), PETITEÉ (Czech Republic) and Exploring Inspirations project designers who explored Serbian old crafts techniques.

What is the role of our cultural heritage in a constantly changing world? How are new generation designers dealing with their cultural heritage (ancestry and traditions) in a globalized world where everything seems to be reachable?

Studio Dennis Vanderbroeck is a place where a small team works on international projects for both commercial and free purposes. Vanderbroeck (NL 1990) creates crossovers between fashion, fine art and performance art, using video, photography and live performance. Exploring the complexity of identity and the construction and deconstruction of it. With blurring the labels between his personal and artistic identity Vanderbroeck creates hyper aesthetic images. With using wit and humor he creates playful procedures. www.dennisvanderbroeck.com

Aine Katrina Byrne
Natalie Dawson
photo Tristan Sewings GettyImages
Paulina Miklasova
photo Robert Houzar

Muslin Brothers
photo NirSarig

Petra Pitelkova
photo Eiska Kyselkova 
photo Michaela Karasek Cejkova
Initiales LL (Laetitia Lemaire)
photo by Kevin Brugnaux
Uta P. Bekaia
photo by Levan Mindiashvili 
Exploring Inspirations
more: http://fashionclash-festival.blogspot.nl/2016/04/exploring-inspirations.html

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