woensdag 25 april 2018

Praise the DS7 Crossback!

The 10th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival marks our 3rd collaboration with DS Automobiles. It is no wonder that this is an ongoing collaboration, because even though they seem to be from different worlds, FASHIONCLASH and DS Automobiles share the same key values; belief in coherent creations and pushing the limits, but also paying respect to current traditions, craftsmanship and most importantly, the worth of togetherness and the enjoyment of the now - a match made in heaven!

This year, DS Automobiles continues to embody the French know-how and luxury, as well as its avant-garde spirit. This is all represented in the DS7 Crossback - a car that meets the needs of drivers in search for a new automotive experience and unique sensations.

The DS7 Crossback offers a fresh take on modern and metropolitan SUV luxury. The design and interior are meant to reflect the driver’s personality. The five different ‘inspirations’ and choices in interior, have taken their style-cues from Paris. The inspirations reflect the sense of luxury and premium material we have come to associate with the city that is the birth place of DS Automobiles. If fashion provides us with an opportunity to express ourselves, the DS7 Crossback gives us the same chance in driving. While being chic and contemporary, you get your own choice of detail, with a focus on premium materials. 

DS Automobiles is the official car sponsor of the FASHIONCLASH Festival 2018. During the festival, you can discover the DS7 Crossback, watching it glide through the streets of Maastricht. Joining the community of car devotees, we praise the DS7 Crossback!

dinsdag 17 april 2018

Club 13 - Museumnacht Maastricht

Larissa Stutterheim
The 3rd edition of Museumnacht Maastricht took place last Friday,
it was an exceptionally happy evening.
Over 4,000 art lovers have been able to enjoy a spectacular Art meets Clubbing program that has enchanted the whole city.
The stunning Dominicanen Bookshop was transformed into a real club with 13 as the lucky number.

People had enjoyed a four-hour musical performance that changed every minute and featured four spectacular highlights. Furthemore, the Dominicanen Bookshop was transformed into a club with a ‘door bitch’, a bouncer, DJs, and a dance floor.

A main act was performed on the balcony every hour, including Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe and Hendrik Kegels. During the Museum Night, visitors also enjoyed video projections by Mees Walter. First year students from the Maastraicht academy of performing art showcased performances in which they wore designs from collective 12.

Collective 12:
A design collective consisting of twelve students in their final year of MAFAD. Their work consisted of fashion, jewellery, and textiles. During Museum Night Maastricht, they drawen attention to their crowdfunding campaign set up in collaboration with voordekunst.nl to raise money for a show during FASHIONCLASH Festival 2018.

You can donate collective 12 here.

Take a look at the photo report.
All pictures are by Brain Megens.

dinsdag 10 april 2018

Collective 12

Collective 12 is a design collective formed of twelve graduate students from the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design, from the disciplines Body, Object and Material. They have stories to tell, and they do not want to keep these stories to themselves.

They want to put themselves and their views out there. As emerging young designers, they want to participate in FASHIONCALSH Festival 2018: they see the value and the opportunity FCF as Maastricht based organisation can give to them, not only in the Netherlands but also on an international basis.

Their works are all focussing on fashion, fashion-related jewellery or textile. Due to FASHIONCLASH Festivals's interdisciplinary approach and view on fashion as an art form, they see themselves fully represented and feel closely connected to the concept.

Get to know them, see sneak-peaks of their graduation works, stay updated on upcoming events
and help them reach their goal! Follow them on Facebook. 

Collective 12:
Bojanna Aleksic
Nienke Creemers
Valéry Fiddelaers
Helen Hentschke
He Pauli
Nathan Klein
Sam Schobbe
Laura van der Spoel
Nieke Verkennis
Jessie Witters
Pia Walter
Michelle Zwinkels
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