donderdag 17 december 2015

FASHIONCLASH Designer Market @ de Bijenkorf

Joelle Boers

Preview of FASHIONCLASH Designer Market @ de Bijenkorf

Are you looking for special fashion items or gifts for the holidays? 
Visit the FASHIONCLASH designer Market at de Bijenkorf where you can buy clothing, accessories and jewelry from young designers.
Come to de Bijenkorf and discover the work of: Monique Poolmans, by Sanne Jansen, Oform, Jennifer de Bruyckère, Que Onda Vos, Fernanda Fernandes,  Joelle Boers, MEES Design, Ebby Port, Lies Wambacq, Ho Mulder Design Factory, Fien de Graaf and MIJNshop / MIJNcollectie.

woensdag 16 december 2015


The 9th edition of international festival of contemporary design designSUPERMARKET 2015 took place December 10 - 13 at Kafkův dům in Prague's city center.
FASHIONCLASH and designSUPERMARKET teamed up last year and as a result of this collaboration three Dutch designers who participated at FASHIONCLASH Festival 2015 where selected to showcase their work. Manon Boertien, Jivika Biervliet and Bluedenîmes represented FASHIONCLASH and the Netherlands.
Like previous year, Czech designers where given the opportunity to pitch their work. During the Modeschau fashion talk with Veronika Ruppert, winners where announced.
Labels Sofyahat, collective of fashion designers Dry Milk of Virgin Mary and jewellery collective Unosto are selected to take part at FASHIONCLASH Festival 2016.
designSUPERMARKET is a high quality and well organized event offering an outstanding selection of emerging Czech designers. designSUPERMARKET is a great platform to discover Czech talents.

winners for FASHIONCLASH Festival 

zaterdag 5 december 2015

27th Marché des Modes in Roubaix

THE MARCHÉ DES MODES is one of the reasons to visit the Northern France.

The Marché des Modes fashion fair brings more than 100 designers from all over France to Roubaix twice a year.

This year the focus is on the guest The Nehtherlands as the guest country and several FASHIONCLASH designers are taking part. Among them we find Jivika Biervliet, MEES, DV Jewellery by Danielle Vroemen and Studio Myr.

Take a look at some impressions from the event.
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