woensdag 23 december 2009

Maurice Mentjens Objects and Spaces

Maurice Menstjens, Objects and Spaces
Centre Ceramique Maastricht / 20.12.09- 13.02.10

An exhibition that sows an overview of his work so far. Besides his own work he chose to show the work of few designers that inspired him such as Ettore Sattsass, Ron Arad and Shiro Kurumata. At the opening Maurice presented a catalogue which is published for this exhibition. Well designed limited edition catalogue, by design studio B2B from Maastricht.
Nice exhibition but the best way to experience the work of Maurice Mentjens: come to Maastricht and go to Stash shop, Kymyka shop, visit the exhibition in Centre Ceramique then have lunch in Ipanema cafe and have dinner in Witlof restuarant.

for more information about Maurice Mentjens / http://www.mauricementjens.com/

Few designed interiors by Maurice Mentjens:

Kymyka Maastricht: shows and bags

Stash Maastricht: Bags, Clothing and Stuff

Witlof Restaurant

donderdag 3 december 2009

i-Fabriek 2009

i-Fabriek 2009
3 december, Ainsi Maastricht

For the third time i-fabriek took place and this time in Ainsi in Maastricht.
Great initiative with interesting lectures,installations and encounters. FASHIONCLASH took part by joining the table with Frans Pollux for an interview, which was a very nice conversation!
There could have been more audience; where are all the creatives from Maastricht!!!
for more info go to www.i-fabriek.nl

Ainsi (www.ainsi.nl)

Official opening by Odile Wolfs (deputee of the province of Limburg)

Frans Pollux talks with Nawie Kuiper and Branko Popovic of FASHIONCLASH.

Fake Food by Jeffrey Koekelkoren/ conservator food Schunk Heerlen

maandag 30 november 2009


i- fabriek
3 December/ Ainsi Maastricht

FASHIONCLASH (Branko Popovic & Nawie Kuiper) take part this years i-fabriek by joining the table for an interview by Frans Pollux. (14h- 14h30 Ainsi Maastricht)

dinsdag 24 november 2009

Kunstbende Limburg 2010

For this years edition of Kunstbende (youth art contest) Nawie Kuiper and Branko Popovic of FASHIONCLASH will give several workshops to the participants from Limburg.
* http://www.kunstbende.nl/2010/

maandag 16 november 2009

Swop Shop Maastricht

Rok & Ruil presents: Swop Shop Maastricht !
FASHIONCLASH was asked to open this great initiative! We hope that there will be a follow up.

Top Vintage online store was also there. http://www.topvintage.nl/

All photographes are by Frank Vaessen.

Dutch Design Week 2009

FASHIONCLASH was there to discover new design talents.
Laurens Hamacher of FC presented his designs in a space he shared with Kaspar Hamacher en Fabian von Spreckelsen.

Stich by Laurens Hamacher

Branko Popovic en Nawie Kuiper

'Mode belofte 2009'

The work of students from the fashion department of ABKM (Art Academy Maastricht).

zondag 30 augustus 2009

The CLASH project presented at ZPF in Venlo

ZPF ( zomerparkfeest) Venlo
27/28/29 en 30 August 2009

Those who have missed the fabulous result of the CLASH project, which was showed during the first edition of 'FASHIONCLASH Maastricht 2009', had a second chance during Zomerparkfeest in Venlo 29th of August. Once again the audience was surprised with the creations of the ten non-fashion designers.

Matylda Krzykowski coordinated this presentation.

Clash participants:
Dik Scheepers- product designer/ Joost Horward- actor/director/ Kim van Bakel- product designer/ Laszlo Rozsnoki- product designer/ Leonid Bebiichuk- artist/ Liv Langeslag- artist/
Marco Iananicelli- product designer/ Tanja Ritterbex- artist/
Tom Astrella & Matylda Krzykowski- product designers/ Valentina Vos- photographer

Dik Scheepers / Joost Horward

Leonid Bebiichuk / Tanja Ritterbex

Valentina Vos

Marco Inanicelli/ Kim van Bakel

Kim van Bakel

Tom Astrella & Matylda Krzykowski

Liv Langeslag

Laszlo Rozsnoki

woensdag 19 augustus 2009


"Across the borders' festival Aachen / 15 august 2009

FASHIONCLASH gave a guerrilla show in the historical center of Aachen ( Germany).

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