dinsdag 17 december 2013

Open call for submissions for FASHIONCLASH Maastricht 2014

Open Call for submissions for FASHIONCLASH Festival 2014

6th edition of the international and interdisciplinary fashion festival

12 — 15 June 2014 in Maastricht (Netherlands)

FASHIONCLASH is happy to invite you to sign up for the 6th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival.

FASHIONCLASH Festival is an inspiring fashion festival based in Maastricht, the Netherlands. FASHIONCLASH Festival shows the art of fashion in the broadest sense of the word. FASHIONCLASH Festival is a platform where young and upcoming designers and artists from various disciplines get the opportunity to present their work to a broad and various audience, national and international press, industry leaders, etc.
Since the 1st edition in 2009 more than 700 talents from more than 30 countries have joined the festival and were given the opportunity to show their talent and work. Some of their careers really took of from there!

You can download the application form and find more information here.

zondag 8 december 2013

Encounter with Limerick School of Art and Design

Sarah Ryan
Last week FASHIONCLASH visited Limerick a small town in Ireland. FASHIONCLASH was invited to give a presentation to at  LSAD (Limerick school of Art & Design).
We really enjoyed this encounter with school that clearly shows potential.
We discovered interesting work from LSAD students and alumni.
There is loads of attention for textiles and materials. Designer Lorraine Dimond explains that she tries to be a s sustainable as possible.
"I also developed digital print and knit techniques both by hand and with Shima Seiki industrial knit patterns. Sustainable work ethics and sourcing are important within my collection, my main fabrics are pure wools, recycled polyesters and tencel." (Lorraine Dimond)

Sarah Ryan's impressive collection also shows interesting materials and textures inspired by the human body.
Limerick School of Art and Design Building
‘Corpus Fraterna’ is based on the notion of building a newly formed body from the inside out. Using my two brothers, both surgeons, as its beginning, the collection investigates contour and line with particular focus on inter-connectivity and the garments relativity to one another. The fusion of muscle to bone is illustrated using adverse textiles to create a new informed silhouette in achromatic black." (Sarah Ryan).

More information & links:

LSAD Fashion dept. blog:

LSAD 2013 graduate's page: http://www.lsadfashion.ie


Why Limerick is Fashionable at Thisislimerick.com

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