vrijdag 30 januari 2015

MIJNshop & MIJNcollectie with Linda Friesen

In past weeks youngsters from 100% Heerlen have been working hard with designer Linda Friesen.
Based on Linda's designs, they are doing production of 10 simplified garments that will be available at MIJNshop in Heerlen from March 6.

Here are the first results.

MIJNshop & MIJNcollectie is a project in the context of M2015 (Year of the Mines), initiated by SCHUNCK*, FASHIONCLASH and 100% Heerlen and with cooperation with M2015 Foundation. 

More information: http://fashionclash.nl/mijnshop-mijncollectie/

donderdag 29 januari 2015

Viktor & Rolf Couture Spring Summer 2015

Remember our project (OLD)Fashion(ed) developed in cooperation with Dutch Dance Festival and Museum aan het Vrijthof?
Firstly, (OLD)Fashion(ed), is chosen as one of the exemplary projects for the Art of Impact, the new programme of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and six public funding bodies for culture. The programme supports cultural projects which have an effect on society. This means that with a modest grant from The Art of Impact, (OLD)Fashion(ed) can extend its reach even further in 2015.
Secondly, craftswoman Ingrid Reinhoud collaborated with Viktor & Rolf for their Couture spring summer collection 2015, which they presented this week in Paris. For this collection they drew inspiration from the expressive landscapes of Vincent van Gogh. The collection featured striking 3D flowers and enormous straw hats was created in collaboration with Ingrid Reinhoud who know everything about the crafts of straw braiding.

(OLD)Fashion(ed) by Andrea Leine in collaboration with Linda Friesen & Ingrid Reinhoud
presented at FASHIONCLASH Festival 2014

woensdag 21 januari 2015

Fashion and Gender

Andrej(a) Pejić for Schön Magazine, 2011
The theme of this years FASHIONCLASH Festival 2015 is “Gender, celebration of diversity and selfexpression”. 

Gender stands for the sociocultural implications that come with our biological gender. This concept focusses on the relationship between male and female aspects of life. It’s the role that men and women are expected to play in society and it refers to the problems that occur when the reenactment of this role deviates from the norm, like when women have succesful careers and their spouses stay home to take care of the children. 

A persons genderidentity is the individual experience of their own gender, which can lie as close to or as far away from the accepted average as a person likes. Time and place are very important for the common perceptions of gender. The culture in which a person grows up is determinative for their genderidentity because a society is organized as a balance between contrasts and the male/female opposition is a very apparent and historic one. In every age, there are certain expectations of men and women in a social context, but in the 21st century it’s not evident that everybody has to follow these since there are a lot of people who find themselves in a grey zone between male and female. We’ve come a long way in the accepting of genderdiversity but there are still people that don’t feel completely included in our society, like transgenders and homosexuals.

With FASHIONCLASH Festival 2015, we want to celebrate the diversity of people and stimulate them to express themselves as who they really are, whether they would be perceived as provocateurs or conformists. We believe clothing is a way to express oneself and it could be used as an aid to ease a coming-out as something else than they or others have been projecting onto them. Rachel Tutera from The Handsome Butch said it well when she exclaimed that “If you dress (and therefore act) braver than you feel, you’ll grow into that braver version of yourself”.

Rachel Tutera @thehandsomebutch

Fashion has played a very progressive role in this subject, male designers have always been more flamboyant than the average man. Fashion’s enfant terrible Yves Saint Laurent was openly gay which was still a taboo in his time. Marc Jacobs likes to shake things up by occasionaly dressing in drag. Andreja Pejić is a transgender supermodel who in 2011 was both in the Top 50 Male Models list from models.com and in FHM magazine’s Top 100 sexiest women in the world. After years of balancing between male and female, she underwent sex reassignment surgery last year. She said in an interview with People Magazine that although she was very proud of her gender nonconforming career, it was her biggest dream to be comfortable in her own body. She is now planning to make a movie about her life to raise awareness.

Marc Jacobs for Industrie Maganzine, 2011
The 7th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival 2015 tries to create a narrative on how to engage in the gendertopic. Just like everything else in the world, fashion is divided in men’s and women’s clothing, in collections, stores and brands. FASHIONCLASH Festival 2015 wants to abolish this division and establish a more included environment for fashionlovers by transcending these boundaries. Both in the exhibition as in the collections, FASHIONCLASH Festival and the designers endeavour to create an intelligent, thoughtful interpretation of gender and how it should be put to future use.

We invite aspiring young designers and artists to reflect and express their vision on 'gender in fashion'. This years exhibition on the main venue will be curated with work related to the gender theme.
 You can submit your work for the exhibition before March 1, 2015.

More information and application form
Emma Watson on gender equality.

Written by Nicky Cremers.

maandag 19 januari 2015

Fashion, Japan and Van Gogh during MBFWA

Elke van Zuylen at FASHIONCLASH Festival 2013
On Friday 23 January,  it is a fashion evening at the Van Gogh Museum!
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam presents 10 Days Downtown featuring Barbara Langendijk and Elke van Zuylen, two designer that have participated at FASHIONCLASH Festival. As a part of their 10 Days Downtown events Fashion, Japan and Van Gogh come together in a very special Friday Night.

Tip: Buy your tickets online at http://tickets.vangoghmuseum.com/!

More about Fashion Week Downtown: http://www.fashionweek.nl/en/downtown

Barbara Langendijk FASHIONCLASH Festival 2012


6.30 pm DJ Lunarlon B2B Romatic
7 pm Workshop & Fashionexpo Elke van Zuylen
7 pm Ongoing performance Barbara Langendijk
7 pm Closer to Van Gogh (English)
8 pm Official opening by FWN & Van Gogh Museum
8 pm Closer to Van Gogh (Dutch)
8:15 pm Highlight performance Barbara Langendijk
8.45 pm Ongoing performance Barbara Langendijk
10 pm End of the event

Full programme and info about the actshttp://www.vangoghmuseum.nl/en/whats-on/friday-nights/programme-friday-nights/friday-night-23-january

MIJNshop & MIJNcollectie Workshops at 100% Heerlen

Last week designer Linda Friesen worked with youngsters from 100% Heerlen, in the context of MIJNshop & MIJNcollectie project.

Based Linda's designs, 100 % Heerlen youngsters will produce simplified garment.

Take a look at some impressions of the workshop.

MIJNshop & MIJNcollectie is a project in the context of M2015 (Year of the Mines), initiated by SCHUNCK*, FASHIONCLASH and 100% Heerlen and with cooperation with M2015 Foundation.

More information:

vrijdag 16 januari 2015

Daphne Simons Rocks

Louis Vuitton show
Stunning model Daphne Simons from Maastricht has been very successful recently; she walked Louis Vuitton show and now she is also featured in the new Louis Vuitton campaign.

Daphne Simons modelled for FASHIONCLASH Festival, thanks to Models Rock Agency.

Daphne photographed by Juergen Teller
Daphne Simons at FASHIONCLASH Festival
photography Team Peter Stigter
designers: Ima Mad, Dioralop and Peter Movrin 

woensdag 14 januari 2015

STEINROHNER wins PREMIUM Young Designers Award

Congratulations to STEINROHNER for winning PREMIUM Young Designers Award womenswear category

Inna Stein and Carolina Rohner joined forces to create STEINROHNER after meeting at the Berlin Art School in Weißensee, Berlin. We discovered their work at the graduation show of Weißensee Academy  and in June 2014 they presented their collection during FASHIONCLASH Festival in Maastricht.
The designers have their roots in Russia and Switzerland but have chosen to make Berlin their home. Above all, they want their creations to elicit an emotional response in the wearer, to carry her away into a dream world and to give her courage to move away from everyday clothing. In their second collection, Fossilized, modern laser-cut technology goes hand in hand with the traditional art of knitwear. This allows the finalists to create an illusion in which the clothes appear to unfurl playfully into atmospheric silhouettes.

You can check out their winning womenswear collection in Hall 8 during PREMIUM Berlin fair.

Menswear winner is Guillem Rodriguez and Stiebich & Rieth is named Accessoiries winner.

In previous edition of the PREMIUM Young Designers Award various FASHIONCLASH designers where among winners, Franziska Michael and Tom Van Der Borght.


Lore Van Keer designed jewellery for Mathilde

Jewellery designer Lore Van Keer got through UNIZO, the unique chance to design jewellery for Mathilde, the Queen of Belgium.


MIJNshop & MIJNcollectie

(Jenna Marie Wakani; Getty)
MIJNshop & MIJNcollectie is a project in the context of M2015 (Year of the Mines), initiated by SCHUNCK*, FASHIONCLASH and 100% Heerlen and with cooperation with M2015 Foundation.
The three young designers from South Limburg, Linda Friesen, Ebby Port and Gabriel Guevera will dive into coal mine heritage and present their contemporary version of the miners clothing. They will design new clothing and accessories inspired by clothing worn by miners.

Every month, one designer will design one unique 'show piece design' that is both inspired by the former miners clothing as of the cultural communities of Heerlen (Italy, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Morocco, Spain, Friesland).
design by Linda Friesen
All the 'show piece designs' will be presented in the MIJNshop, a pop-up shop that will be officially opened on March 6 at Bongerd in Heerlen. Based on the 'show piece designs' designers will also develop a simplified commercial designs and then in cooperation with youngsters from the 100% Heerlen produce out of each commercial design 10 pieces that will be sold in MIJNshop.
By means of this collaborative process, the MIJNcollection will be developed throughout the year.

Designs created by the three designers in this project will also be presented during FASHIONCLASH Festival 2015.

Heerlen forms part of Parkstad Limburg (formerly known as "Oostelijke Mijnstreek"- Eastern Mineregion), and was a centre for the coal mining industry in the Netherlands in the late 19th century. Mine workers came from all over Europe, often with their families, contributing to a multicultural society that is nowadays charasteric for Parkstad Limburg.

With M2015 Jaar van de Mijnen (Year of the Mines) Parkstad is celebrating the coal mine heritage with  various projects and a diverse cultural programma.

MIJNshop en MIJNcollectie is a collaboration of SCHUNCK*, Stichting Jaar van de Mijnen, 100% Heerlen, and FASHIONCLASH and is made possible by support of Gemeente Heerlen and Stichting DOEN.

The project kicked of with a visit to Blegny Mine.
images are by Fabian de Kloe

dinsdag 13 januari 2015

Kiki Willems in Saint Laurent SS collection campaign

Kiki Willems at FASHIONCLASH Festival 2013
images by Peter Stigter

Gorgeous Kiki Willems, from Maastricht, is breaking through as a model. She has opened the Saint Laurent "70's Show" in October 2014 and now she is featured in Saint Laurent campaign.
We met Kiki in 2012 at FASHIONCLASH model casting and where already convinced by her potential and cheerful personality. Next to runway shows Kiki has also played a part in fashion film ASPIRE.  Go Kiki! 

zondag 4 januari 2015

Happy Birthday to KALTBLUT Magazine

KALTBLUT´S new 3 Years Anniversary – Rebellious Issue! 

362 Pages digital only .. Feat. artists like Tricky, Elizabeth Ehrlich, Maija Cop, Röyksopp, White Lungs, Mattia Caracciolo, Eylul Aslan, Suzana Holtgrave, Miss Platnum, Yoh Nagao, Charli XCX, Rora Chow, Maya Fuhr, Nevena Katalina, Gazelle Twin, Laurence Philoméne, Fashionclash Maastricht, Benoit Jammes, Frank Kortan, Self made by Gianfranco Villegas, FASHIONCLASH Festival..and many more.

Read the magazine here:
Download the PDF for 5,00 Euro: HERE /
Get the Issue at the App Store : HERE
Or read the issue on YUMPU: HERE
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