maandag 19 mei 2014

The FASHIONCLASH Streetstyles

In the month of April, the FASHIONCLASH Team walked the streets of Maastricht looking for the people living in the city. We ended up with portraits from people of all generations, and asked them a couple of questions concerning their "hotspots" in Maastricht as well as about Maastricht as a Modestad, a fashion city. Here are the first shots of our series. We can already tell you that Take 5 and café Zondag are amongst the most popular places in the Limburgse city. 

Hounaida Duas and daughter Safia Coenen, 37 and 8, K-atelier and pupil: 
Shop in Maastricht: Per Sempre 
Restaurant in Maastricht: café Madrid 
Brand/fashion designer: Chanel 
“Maastricht is an upcoming ‘Modestad’”

Sylvia, 52, coach/trainer:
Shop in Maastricht: Zara
Café/restaurant in Maastricht: café Sjiek
Brand/fashion designer: Chanel

Dorian, 21, student:
Shop in Maastricht: Suitsupply
Piece of clothing: a coat. "This one is from Suitsupply."
What would you never wear? A base cap!

Chelsey, 20, salesperson:
Shop in Maastricht: Bershka
Brand: Gypsy Warrior
What would you never wear? Crocs, Uggs.

Monika, 27, salesperson:
Shop in Maastricht: PL-Line
Brand/fashion designer: Yves Saint Laurent
What would you never wear? A hat and Uggs.

Jennifer, 17, pupil:
Shop in Maastricht: Zara
Restaurant in Maastricht: il Giardino
Piece of clothing: shoes. "I have a LOT of pairs!"

Gabriel, 27, jewelry designer:
Shop in Maastricht: Trader's Pop
Bar in Maastricht: Take 5
Piece of clothing: shoes, hats
What would you never wear? Plateau shoes!

Annemarie, 21, student:
Shop in Maastricht: H&M
Restaurant in Maastricht: Basilica
Brand/fashion designer: Cheap Monday
"I put together this outfit very quickly. I was in hurry."

Michelle, 62, shop owner:
Restaurant in Maastricht: Beluga
Brand/fashion designer: Chanel
Piece of clothing: a suit.

Paula, 22, student:
Shop in Maastricht: WAAR
Café in Maastricht: café Zondag
Brand/fashion designer: Vivienne Westwood
"Maastricht is both chic and casual."

Madison, 20, student:
Shop in Maastricht: H&M, "I'm Australian and there is none there."
Bar in Maastricht: Take 5.
What would you never wear? Leggings!

At the beginning of June, the pictures will be placed on Facebook and we will ask YOU to like your favorite picture. The person with the most likes will receive a free ticket for the FASHIONCLASH Festival.
To not miss out, make sure to like the FASHIONCLASH Facebook page: Fashionclash Maastricht

Pictures by: Kris van Loon and Branko Popovic.

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