vrijdag 16 mei 2014

Distinguished Dreams

This year during the FASHIONCLASH Festival, Dance will meet Fashion in a special collaboration between FASHIONCLASH and the Dutch Dance Festival (Nederlandse Dansdagen). The project was made possible thanks to the BNG Bank and the BNG "Cultuurfonds" in the framework of its 100th anniversary and its project Eeuwige jeugd, "Eternal youth."

Picture from the rehearsal of the 15th of May
Picture by: Branko Popovic

In this project, 10 young designers and choreographers were associated in pairs and were asked to create a short performance. The choreographies will be performed by dancers from the dance schools Venlo ArtEZ Dansacademie and the “vooropleiding” Dans Maastricht.

The project is truly inspiring and challenging for the designers and choreographers. Indeed, the format demanded differs from what is usually expected in terms of length and structure, but those constraints opened up new opportunities for the artists. Dance and fashion focus on the same features. Our bodies and the way we hide and reveal them are central in both fields, so what happens when fashion and dance clash?

The five pairs of participants are as follows:

  • Cecilia Moisio and Sara Vrugt 

Cecilia, the choreographer, and Sara, the designer
  • Jasper van Luijk and Jivika Biervliet 
Jasper, the choreographer, and Jivika, the designer
  • Loïc Perela and fORS 

Loïc, the choreographer, and fORS, the designers

  • Melissa Ellberger and Mieke Kockelkorn 

Melissa, the choreographer, and Mieke, the designer

  • Katja Heitmann and Annemarije van Harten 

Katja, the choreographer, and Annemarije, the designer
The general rehearsal of Distinguished Dreams took place on the 15th of May a the ECI Cultuurfabriek in Roermond. We were lucky enough to be able to attend. Here are some impressions of the night's performances:

Preview of Katja and Annemarije's collaboration
"Me, My Selfie and I"

Preview of Jasper and Jivika's collaboration
"As of Marble"

Preview of Melissa and Mieke's collaboration
"Out of the blue"
Preview of Cecilia and Sara's collaboration
"2 by 2"

Preview of Loïc and fORS's collaboration
For more information about the project and the pairs of designers and choreographers, have a look at the Nederlandse Dansdagen website: www.nederlandsedansdagen.nl. All articles about the project can be found in English!

Don’t miss out on this project, and discover it during the FASHIONCLASH Festival on the 14th of June at 5.30pm!
See you there!

Pictures of the performance by: Erwin Penners

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