dinsdag 20 mei 2014

Shoe Design Challenge powered by Invito: the winning designs now in Invito shops

In 2013, in collaboration with Invito, FASHIONCLASH challenged young talents by asking them to develop a shoe concept in which creativity and sustainability are coming together.
In October 2013, the “Shoe Design Challenge powered by Invito” jury existing of designer Bas Kosters, founders of FASHIONCLASH Branko Popovic, Nawie Kuiper and Laurens Hamacher, as well as Invito formatmanager Jasper den Hertog, reunited and agreed upon two winners: Monique Schraven for the women’s shoe and Malou Fool for the men’s design. Since the 19th of May, their two designs are being sold in the Invito shoe shops!

Malou Fool, Monique Schraven and Chris van den Elzen who received an honorable mention 
Monique Schraven, a fourth year student of the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design, wants to inspire every woman to dress more femininely. Her shoe is inspired by the traditional pump to which she added a modern twist. By adding cut-out pieces, the pump can very easily be transformed into an ankle boot. From an ankle boot to an elegant and comfortable pump, Monique’s design speaks to every woman.

Malou Fool is the winner of the men’s shoe design. Like Monique, Malou strives to ally modernity and more traditional features into her creations. By allowing the wearer to go from laces to buckles by simply adjusting an included sole, Malou offers an elegant shoe for the modern man looking for change.

Lucky for you, the two winning designs are being sold for 99,99 euros since the 19th of May in every Invito shop as well as on the online website of the brand. Don’t forget to visit the shop!

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