donderdag 8 mei 2014

Making of: Clash Project

Since 2009, the Clash Project has been one of the highlights of the FASHIONCLASH Festival. By allowing non-fashion designer to design fashion, the Clash Project perfectly illustrates FASHIONCLASH's concept - "connecting talent, disciplines, visions and cultures through fashion". This year, 10 designers were asked to present their idea of fashion. The pictures of their creations were shot Tuesday by Karen Kikkert, and of course, we were there.

Sanel, one of the models, and Karen busy shooting
Sanel caught in action
Our make up artist for the day, and intern at FASCHIONCLASH, busy with Cassandra

Karen shooting Maud with Shana Teugels' creation

One of the creations
Karen giving instructions

Sanna Vaassen, the designer, and Karen
The Clash Project is curated by Matylda Krzykowski.
If you want to discover the Clash Project's artists, check the website:
Pictures of the making of: Kris van Loon.

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