donderdag 15 mei 2014

VERWEVEN by Nina Willems

After last year's success, Nina Willems will present a VERWEVEN project during the exhibition curated under the theme of "age." The outfits resulting from the project will be shown on the catwalk.

For VERWEVEN, Nina Willems asked 5 people from Maastricht and Heerlen to tell her the stories behind the clothes they wear. How do the clothes they wear reflect their personalities thoughts and opinions? What is the influence of their AGE on their choice of clothing? This resulted in 5 short films. Nina asked 5 young designers to create a new outfit, each based on the story of one of the people she interviewed.

With VERWEVEN, Nina wants to connect "high fashion" as shown during FASHIONCLASH to the way we all wear our clothes in our everyday lives.

Here are the five designers participating in the project and pictures of their previous work:

  • Anbasja Blanken

  • Aniek Zinken

  • Charlotte Kiekebos

  • knittID - Olga van Zeijl

  • Wenda Harmsen

For more information about Nina's work, have a look at her website:
To get to know Nina and the VERWEVEN project better, read an interview that was conducted last year:

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