vrijdag 16 mei 2014

Olga Ozieranska

Olga Ozieranska
Today we introduce you to the Polish multimedia artist Olga Ozieranska.

Hello Olga! Please introduce yourself. Who are you? Where do you come from? What is your field of specialisation?
Hi! Im a multimedia artist. I'm from Warsaw, Poland. I mainly  work on   photography, installation, video and performance. I like working in  material such as  wood, paper, plastic. I love surrealism and abstractionism.

What inspires you in general?  
Emotions, childhood, tales, forest, sounds, and textures.

What place or city do you find inspiring?  

What is it like to be a young artist in your city/country? 
It's not easy to earn one's living as an artist.  Young artists  often need to work in other professions to earn money and  find time to create. Its really difficult, but many of my friends live in this way.

What attracts you about the FASHIONCLASH platform? 
Full freedom of expression, diversity, modernity and high level.

The FASHIONCLASH Exhibition is curated under the theme of ‘Age’. How does your creation relate to this year’s theme?
In my opinion one of the  most inspiring periods of  our life is  the childhood. My work of art  recalls that  carefree, joyful  time. Colourful, moving forms  are made form tissue paper, which reminds me of the vitality and energy of children.

How and why did you become an artist?  
I have always felt the need to create. It's something I  just need to do  to feel good in my life!

What kind of feeling do you want to transfer with your creation?
I want to intrigue and surprise.
I want transfer some  good, touching energy.

What on your playlist when you are working?
Roji Ikeda, Bjosphere, Forest Swords, Erik Satie.

What book shaped you?
Steppenwolf  by Herman Hesse.

Who are your favourite artists?
 Tim Walker, Shona Heath, Bart Hess, Frederik Heyman, Gareth Pugh, and Gerhard Richter.

What is the latest thing you bought for yourself?
Transparent coat and 10 bars of chocolate.

What is your favourite fairy tale and why?
Bluebeard because its moral is that a woman's psyche must be independent,open to creativity. I like it.

If your life were a song what would the title be?
 Roji Ikeda's  Space.

What made you smile today?
I bought crazy props for photoshoot.

What is your definition of style?
Consequence and creativity.

What has been the greatest experience in your career so far?
Scholarship in Central St Martins in London.

What can we expect from you in the future?
Mind full of fascinating ideas.

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