dinsdag 27 mei 2014

Catarina Oliveira

Preview of Catarina's collection
Picture by: Elio Nogueira
Catarina Oliveira is a young – 21 years old! – designer from Portugal. Her aim is to fully explore menswear. Catarina was discovered by FASHIONCLASH's artistic directors, Nawie Kuiper and Branko Popovic, during the ModaLisboa, Lisbon Fashion Week. Her latest collection, UNFOLD, will be showcased at the FASHIONCLASH Festival during the Fashion Shows.

What inspires you in general? 
My references are a combination of what I identify myself to and the message I want to transmit. It can range from an artist’s work to a person who crossed my path on the street this morning. I assimilate everything I find interesting.

What place or city do you find inspiring? 
I guess that the city itself isn’t the most important thing. The most important is what I’ve lived there. I can’t really say which city inspires me, but the fact that I lived between Viana do Costelo and Oporto in the last three years really influenced my life and, of course, my work.

What is it like to be a young designer in country/city? 
I’m finding out what it’s like to be a young fashion designer in Portugal. It’s great that there are several platforms during the Portuguese Fashion Week allowing us to display our work. All the concern and support we are given motivates us greatly.

What attracts you about the FASHIONCLASH platform?
I heard about FASHIONCLASH and I thought it would be a good opportunity for my work and myself. After I had a closer look, I thought: “now is the time.” I’m absolutely sure it will bring me great experiences. It will be enriching to be close to so many different projects. This will break the geographic barrier and help me invest in my work outside of Portugal.

Describe your collection in three words: 
UNFOLD is attitude, irreverence and boldness.

Did you always want to work in the field of fashion? 
I guess that when I was a child, I wanted to do a lot of different things. But when I realized I had to make a choice, I knew I wanted to be in fashion. From then on, I remember wanting it very much.

Do you remember the first piece you designed? 
Not the first of all. I do remember the first piece I designed and produced: it was a womenswear piece.

Do you have a muse? If yes, who is it and why? 
I don’t have a muse. I admire several people for their work, attitude and for what they taught me. Most of them are everyday muses.

What kind of feeling do you wan to transfer with your latest collection/creation? 
I want to bring the feeling of revolt, protection and attitude. I want to create doubts.

What is on your playlist when you are working? 
Usually, I listen to a bit of everything, but minimal, techno and drum and bass are often on my playlist.

Preview of Catarina's work
Picture by: Elio Nogueira
Who is your favourite designer? 
I don’t have one in particular, I can’t choose. I like a lot of artists at the same time.

What is the latest thing you bought for yourself? 
A trip to the Netherlands.

What is your favourite fairy tale and why?
Cinderella. It has a strong life lesson.

What made you smile today? 
The smile of the important people in my life.

What is your definition of style? 
Style is all about the message it transmits. It may be something simple or extravagant. For me, the most important thing is that the person feels nice and comfortable.

What has been the greatest experience in your “fashion” career so far? 
To see it growing, little by little.

What can we expect from you in the future? 
A stronger and better Catarina. At least, I hope so.

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