donderdag 8 mei 2014

Stieglitz by Pien Stieglis

Today we introduce you to Dutch designer Pien Stieglis and her label Stieglitz. You will be able to check out her collection at the Designer Market.

Hello Pien! What inspires you in general? 
I’ve always been impressed by the strong culture that exists within particular tribes. Thinking of ethnic groups, what strikes me most is the strength of the collective. I often think; where do I stand in this world that constantly changes, where you are confronted with new possibilities and choices daily? We hardly know what to do any more; a world with so many possibilities doesn’t necessarily make us stronger. When I look at, for instance the Mursi people in Ethiopia, I see a population that stands close to its own identity, which provides strength. For over decades they have been wearing the same colors and accessories. It is like everything has been set in stone, but at the same time is immutably beautiful. However, currently the existences of some ethnic groups are threatened. For this reason I want to be inspired by what is still present in the world. Our worlds, our ways of living stand so far apart. I therefore wish to combine both worlds in my designs and capture the beauty and simplicity of life, which will be symbolized in my collections. I hope that the Stieglitz tribe will represent, and make one realize, that the power of the tribes is still within us.

What place or city do you find inspiring? 
All Stieglitz collections are based on different cultures, worlds and countries. In every new city or country I visit or visited I find and found inspiration.

What is it like to be a young designer in your city/country? 
I am one of many, but I find it truly inspiring because there is so much (fashion) entrepreneurship around. This encourages me to be new, fresh and inspirational.

What attracts you about the FASHIONCLASH platform? 
The possibility of meeting new people and designers from different countries, as well as sharing stories and comparing start-up successes and troubles.

Describe you collection/creation in three words. 
Strength of the collective, beauty and simplicity.

Can you remember the first piece you designed? 
Bags with Kilim fabric from Iran.

Do you have a muse? If yes, who is it and why? 
No I don’t have a muse. All kinds of people inspire me.

What kind of feeling do you want to transfer with your latest collection/creation? 
A worldly sense.

What is on your playlist when you are working? 
Rene Aubry.

Who is your favorite fashion designer? 
Humberto Leon and Carol Lim.

Pien at work
What is the latest thing you bought for yourself? 
A dress.

What is your favorite fairy tale and why? 
Cinderella, because of the sweet little fatty mouse, Gus. 

What made you smile today? 
My dream.

What is your definition of style? 
Nonchalant but still effortlessly stylish.

What has been the greatest experience in your "fashion" career so far? 
That something went from an idea on paper to a physical beautiful shop.

What can we expect from you in the future? 
A world map of Stieglitz collections.

Stieglitz's website:

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