maandag 26 mei 2014

The FASHIONCLASH streetstyles: part 2

Part 2 of our Maastricht Streetstyles series! This week again, discover some of the wonderful people of Maastricht. Café Zondag and Take 5 are still on the list, and sorry people, but Uggs are apparently a serious no-go!

J.W., 62, entrepreneur:
Restaurant in Maastricht: 't Plenkske
Brand/fashion designer: Ralph Lauren

Constance, 43, entrepreneur:
Shop in Maastricht: PL-Line
Restaurant in Maastricht: Rozemarijn
Brand/fashion designer: Helmut Lang

Jonathan, 32, graphic designer:
Shop in Maastricht: Jongens 13
Café in Maastricht: café Zondag
Brand/fashion designer: David Mayer Naman

Leon, 50, manager:
Shop in Maastricht: PL-Line
Brand fashion designer: Thom Browne
What would you never wear? Flare jeans!

Joelle, 28, entrepreneur:
Shop in Maastricht: Trader's Pop, especially for the vintage!
Café in Maastricht: Coffee Lovers
Piece of clothing: anything that's black, but preferably skinny jeans and a blazer!
What would you never wear? White leggings!

Wiel, 60, hairdresser:
Brand/fashion designer: Karl Lagerfeld
Piece of clothing: black pants
What would you never wear? Jeans!

Dionne, 21, student:
Shop in Maastricht: Trader's Pop
Café/bar in Maastricht: café Zondag, Take 5
What would you never wear? Uggs

Pauline, 20, student:
Shop in Maastricht: Scotch & Soda
Restaurant in Maastricht: La Place
"Maastricht is both chic and casual."

Awa, 29, student:
Brand/fashion designer: Louis Vuitton
Piece of clothing: "I don't know what to say. I wear everything."

Lu Wang, 18, student:
Brand/fashion designer: Urban Outfitters
Piece of clothing: my shoes! They are from China!
"My style is being comfortable!"

Mr. Lebon, 74, timber:
Shop in Maastricht: Maison Louis
Café in Maastricht: café Zuid
Brand/fashion designer: Hugo Boss

Next week, the pictures will be placed on Facebook and we will ask YOU to like your favorite picture. The person with the most likes will receive a free ticket for the FASHIONCLASH Festival.
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