donderdag 29 mei 2014

Mies Nobis by Millicent Nobis

Mies Nobis is jewellery label created by Australian Millicent Nobis. Her collections, inspired by the shapes of bones, horns and teeth will be showcased during the Designer Market.

Preview of the HORN collection
Picture by: Alberto Maria Colombo

Millicent Nobis graduated from Sydney’s Fashion Design Studio in 2009. She then interned at different labels in Sydney before settling down in Berlin. 

Ring from the SKELET collection
Picture by: Florian Kolmer
She launched her own label, MIES NOBIS, in 2011 with a collection of hand sculptured show pieces made from clay, copper wire and cotton cord. Her first ready to wear collection, SKELLET, was released in 2012. Her latest collection, HORN, will be showcased during the Designer Market of the FASHIONCLASH Festival. This collection has been inspired by the strength, power and fierceness of horned animals.

Preview of the HORN collection
Picture by: Alberto Maria Colombo
When asked about her inspirations, Millicent answers that she is “inspired by the shapes and forms of the more permanent matter that lingers long after mortal death; human and animal bones, horns and teeth.” Through her collections, she aspires “to reflect and refine these structures into modernized reincarnations, hand crafted in wood, brass, and silver.” Finally, she adds “being the daughter of an architect, the ‘less is more” philosophy is at the forefront of my mind in terms of application.” 

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