donderdag 15 mei 2014

FASHIONCLASH side program: "Fashion frictions" by the Fitting Room Projects

The “Fashion Frictions” by the Fitting Room Projects will be featured in the side program of the 2014 edition of the FASHIONCLASH Festival. Taking on the challenge of representing the increasing number of fashion installations where the subject and not the object prevails, fashion theorist Anna Elisabeth Kruyswijk formulated a sequential project line for collaborative test-cases.

Under the name of The Fitting Room Projects she creates small-scale compositions to update the editorial and curatorial side of fashion into a multidisciplinary and participatory practice.

The book as a space for fashion curation has been explored together with graphic designer Maria Jimena Sanchez. At the launch, the creation of a printed essay titled 'Fashion Friction' will be shared as one of the fitting rooms. In a propositional conversation, under-exposed and ignored issues within the fashion discourse will be reviewed, causing friction for this generation of 'fashion readers' to deal with.

The book launch of 'Fashion Friction' (fitting room no. 2) will take place on Saturday 14 June 2014 at 15.00h
Location: Brusselsestraat 53B Maastricht

Official project website will follow soon

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