donderdag 3 december 2009

i-Fabriek 2009

i-Fabriek 2009
3 december, Ainsi Maastricht

For the third time i-fabriek took place and this time in Ainsi in Maastricht.
Great initiative with interesting lectures,installations and encounters. FASHIONCLASH took part by joining the table with Frans Pollux for an interview, which was a very nice conversation!
There could have been more audience; where are all the creatives from Maastricht!!!
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Ainsi (

Official opening by Odile Wolfs (deputee of the province of Limburg)

Frans Pollux talks with Nawie Kuiper and Branko Popovic of FASHIONCLASH.

Fake Food by Jeffrey Koekelkoren/ conservator food Schunk Heerlen

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