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Clash Project # 8 - FASHIONCLASH Festival 2016

Charlotte Van de Velde, Clash Project 2015
Since the beginning of FASHIONCLASH Festival in 2009, Clash Project each year invites 10 young artists and designers to translate their work into a wearable piece for the catwalk. Participants from different art and design disciplines (all non-fashion designers) are challenged to transfer their practice, both materially and conceptually, to a fashion outfit. It is an invitation to come out of the comfort zone, to play and experiment.
For the 2016 edition the participants are asked to take the theme of Heritage in consideration, whether  personal or the heritage of their practice.
Over the years we Clash Project has been developing into an iconic project in cooperation with Matylda Krzykowski, who was the curator of the project until 2015 edition.

Curious what the 8th edition of the project will bring? The result will be presented on Saturday July 2nd SHOW 5 at the catwalk of FASHIONCLASH Festival.

Clash Project # 8: Participants 
Adrianus Kundert – designer – The Netherlands
Alexandre de Vos – interior architect – The Netherlands
Amber Veel – autonomous designer – The Netherlands
Daniela Treija – multidisciplinary designer – Latvia
Ditte Trudslev Jensen – jewelry designer – Denmark
Julian Kamosa – product designer – UK
Marit van Heumen – jewelry designer – The Netherlands
Sander Wassink & Ronald Smits – designer | photographer – The Netherlands
Sophie Vermeulen – artist – The Netherlands
YuYeon Cho – artist – USA

 This was Clash Project # 7

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